All done!

Mrs. U recently spoke about the wonderful feeling of completing things on a to-do list. I have to agree -- it truly does feel wonderful knowing that everything is done! While I don't always write everything out (I probably should start, though, seeing as how my memory is getting worse these days, LOL), I normally think through a list of things each morning that I'd like to accomplish during the day.

Today, for example, I needed to wash and fold two loads of laundry, make lunch (Lemon Chicken, rice, and mixed veggies), brew a pitcher of iced tea, bake cookies for a church function tomorrow evening, and make chicken broth. Oh, and do the dishes from all my cooking, of course.

I wasn't sure I would be able to get everything finished, but since I had planned things out the night before, I actually did it!!! :o)

In keeping with my nightly routine, I measured all the dry ingredients for the cookies, pulled out the other ingredients needed, and made sure I had everything else assembled (mixing bowls, baking stone, dough scooper, hand-mixer, etc). I also grabbed the chicken from the freezer so it could thaw in the fridge overnight.

This morning, getting everything accomplished was a breeze! :o)

I have a wonderful sorter that makes life in the laundry room so much easier. Since everything was already separated, I was able to throw the load in the washer and push start.

Putting together the cookies was quick since everything was pre-measured. I only had to shape the dough, place it on the sheet, and bake. Oh, and they are delicious, by the way! You should definitely try them for yourself! :o)

Making the chicken broth was fairly easy, as well. I was trying a new recipe, and I like this one much better than the last one I used; not as labor-intensive, and much more flavorful. It's cooling in the fridge right now. Tomorrow morning, I'll just skim the top layer, pour into some containers, and freeze the broth.

Yep, I love days like today! I wish they happened more often, but I'll take 'em as they come, LOL! :o) I'm curious: what are some things that help you accomplish your to-do list? I'm always looking for new tips! :o)

Tomorrow's Lunch: Japanese Curry served over rice
Tonight's Preparations:
peel and chop carrots, onions, and potatoes
Pork to thaw in fridge
Pans and serving dishes out

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Samantha said...

I love days like those too! Too bad everyday can't be so productive....or maybe they could if I wasn't such a basket-case :)

Oh and those cookies look really yummy, but dangerous to have around me right now,lol.