It's Over

Well, he finished his test, so that part is over with... no more studying for hours on end! *gasp* I might actually get to see my husband during the week! :o)

Now begins the tough part -- waiting! We were told that he should receive his results in 2-3 weeks -- 45 days at the latest. I want to know, of course, but I think my hubby will go crazy while he waits! He was already driving me crazy while second-guessing some of his answers. :o) I had to keep reminding him, "It's out of our hands. Let's just leave it up to the Lord." To which he said, "Yeah, I know... but still......" ;o)

I guess I'm not the only one that's human, LOL! :P


Happymama said...

I'm sure your hubby did fine. And you're right, either way, it's in God's hands. Praying for ya!


Anonymous said...

hey arleney... how did he get to test out of cycle? I was trying to tell josh and we civilians telling a military person I must have sounded dumb lol jenny

Anonymous said...

Oh, Brandon said that the percentage this year is 41% so he has a really good chance of making it! It's the highest in..... something, I forget what he said, haha. But, he said last year was the lowest. Anyways, as much as Nathan studied he deserves to make it!

Arlene said...

Kristi, you're sweet; thanks, for your prayers! :)

Jenny, the PFE says that each person is allowed a minimum of 60 days to study their CDCs/WAPS material, and when Nathan was supposed to test (in May), his material still wasn't in. The orderly room here kept messing up the order for his stuff and it didn't get here until the end of June. So, he had to put in a request and get it approved by pretty much everybody, lol.

Yeah, I had heard that the percentage was pretty high this time, so... we'll see. *fingers crossed* lol

Mrs.B said...

I know----waiting is the hardest part! I can understand his tendency to second-guess himself because I do the same thing!

I hope he gets it! (o:

Because of Christ,

Anonymous said...

I hope you get good news soon!

Arlene said...

Mrs. B, I guess you're human, too! :~) Seeing Nathan go back and forth over this makes me even happier that I am out of school, LOL! He is just relieved to be done with studying for a while!

Samantha, I hope we will, too; thanks! :~)

Adele said...

Let us know the results as soon as you find out (thought I'm sure you will anyway!).

Pass or fail, it certainly seems that he put forth his best effort. That's all the Lord requires of us!

Arlene said...

Adele, I will... just a few weeks! Thanks for the reminder!