I've been feeling fairly productive in the kitchen these days, and I can't begin to describe how good it makes me feel! I don't claim to "have it all together," but I don't really care so long as things are starting to go more smoothly while running the house.

Today, I made Oatmeal Raisin cookies for the first time, and they turned out wonderfully! For some reason, I have never tried them, and have been afraid of making them. I know it sounds crazy -- I'm just a little weirdo, okay!

On Saturday, I gathered the courage to make my mom's German Apple Cake, and it was delicious (if I do say so myself, hehehe)! I was even brave enough to bring it in to my hubby's work, and his co-workers gobbled it up! A couple in church gave us a ton of home-grown apples, so I have been trying to use them up, hence the reason for the cake. I am planning to make Sweeter Than Honey Apple Crisp, as well. (no pies here... not sure about making a pastry crust from scratch, LOL! I think I've used enough up bravery for one week!).

I tend to worry that whatever I make will end up tasting terrible, and I think that's why I didn't bake very much the first year of our marriage. Things are different now; I am always making something new, or trying different homemade things. I feel as if I am finally finding my "groove" as a wife. I don't claim to be an expert at homemaking, but I am not feeling nearly as unsure as I used to be.

Last week, I used Mrs. T's recipes for homemade specialty soups; I made my mom's Chicken Enchilada Casserole, and it still turned out yummy like it does when my mom makes it! I was worried it would taste too differently, but it actually improved the flavor. I think so, at least. :o) It also wasn't that much extra work, so I will continue to make my own. It's healthier anyway without all that added sodium -- blech! :o)

I get a lot of recipes from blogs, so my husband has started saying, "Every wife should blog! Then every husband would be well-fed like me!" :o)


Samantha said...

lol! I think Nathan is right that every wife should blog :)

When it comes to baking, I tend to bake alot more in the winter. I love the feeling of taking something warm and yummy out of the oven when it's cold outside. I really should bake more in the summer though. Jim would probably like that. It sounds like you've baked alot this week!

Mrs.T said...


I am so happy the soup substitute worked well for you. I use them often, and I agree -- it seems to actually improve the taste of a dish over one made with canned soup.

Your apple crisp sounds just delicious!

Arlene said...

Mrs. T, thank you again for sharing your recipes. I love coming to visit with you! :)

I hope you will try the apple crisp; it is one of the best recipes I've ever used, and I have tried quite a few. I keep coming back to this one, and I've decided to just stick with it since it's always a hit! :)

Samantha, I know what you mean about preferring winter baking over summer time. There is something very "home-y" about freshly baked goods in those cooler months. You could always just "cheat" and light a yummy candle in the summer months! ;o)