Psalm 75:6-7

At this very moment, my handsome airman is testing... trying to become my handsome staff sergeant. I can't even explain how nervous I am for him; this is the first time he's had to test to make rank (both other ranks were given by time-in-service).

He had to go through a crazy ordeal in order to test out-of-cycle, but -- praise God! -- it was approved. The hard part was that he was only given two months to study 3 volumes of his CDC materials, plus the PFE and his WAPS material... please don't ask me what all those acronyms mean! LOL, it's too early to remember anyway! :o)

I keep repeating the phrase, "Promotion cometh from God" over and over and over (a slight paraphrase of the reference in my title).

We've been praying since we knew he would be testing, and now it's to the point that it's up to the Lord. Sometimes it's easier to say, "Lord, not what I want; Thy will be done," than to really mean it. Most times I mean it; sometimes, though, I think, "Please just give him the promotion!"

What? I'm human, okay? ;o)

God has really been blessing our finances since we gave them over to Him. We're not starving, we haven't accumulated debt, we have a home and plenty of clothing. And, I have to say, I know that He will continue to supply our needs -- promotion or not. I believe that with all my heart. That's why I can say that it doesn't matter what is scored on this test.

Regardless of whether My Airman makes rank or not, I told him that I don't care. I will still love him (of course!), and I am still proud of him for studying so hard in such a short amount of time. For working long hours. For allowing me the privilege of being a homemaker. For providing for our family. For being the spiritual leader that we need. For loving me and our son. For just being so wonderful!

Not our will, Lord, but Thine be done... Amen.


Mrs.B said...

Amen!--But I still hope he gets it! (o;

Because of Christ,

Anonymous said...

So true! Sometimes we are so sure we know what we need when really only He knows what our true needs are. I'll be praying for you all. Keep us posted! ~Samantha

Mrs. C said...

Praying right along with you! :)

Mrs. C

Anonymous said...

awww arlene I hope he makes it too. But I am so glad yall have a great attitude! jenny

Arlene said...

Thanks, Ladies; you guys are always such an encouragement :~)

Anonymous said...

Please tell Nathan I'll be praying for the results to be favorable. :0)