Saving on milk

Since we set a goal of having our car paid off by early next year, we have been looking at any and all ways to cut costs. I've mentioned menu planning, skipping eating out, using things up, and sticking to a budget. I've discovered a few other things recently that are helping a lot -- especially in relation to milk!
  • Use reconstituted dry milk powder in cooking and baking
  • Limit to one or two (smaller) glasses a day
    • This has helped a LOT, since I am a milk lover, LOL!
    • Drink water instead
  • Get it discounted
    • One of our local stores often discounts the milk once it gets close to the expiration date -- I've gotten a gallon of milk for as low as $1.75! (It is normally just under $4.00) I buy as many as I can find, and freeze the extras in our stand-alone freezer.
  • My favorite tip comes from Michelle's Frugal Friday post
    • You will definitely want to click the link and read that tip! I just tried it last week, and it works wonderfully! :o)
  • Pray before your shopping trip
    • Okay, this one's not just about milk, but a good tip nonetheless! I have often nonchalantly asked for God to bless our finances, but I know I didn't truly have the faith I should have. This past trip, I fervently prayed for God to help us... and I tell you, I discovered some of the best deals I've ever had! We found...
      • 6 tubes toothpaste = $1.15
      • 3 (large) sticks deodorant = $5.00 (normally $3 each!)
      • 2 1/2 gallons milk = $1.99 a gallon
      • 3 lbs. ground beef = $1.09 a lb (normally about $2 each lb)
      • Chocolate Chex cereal = $.75
I should also mention that we were recently given a card to a local Long John Silver's restaurant granting us one free meal every month... for the next YEAR! (that's one way to get around our no-eating-out challenge!) Who says God doesn't care about our needs?! He has truly been blessing, that's for sure! :o)

For more money-saving tips, visit Crystal's most recent Frugal Friday post!


Lura said...

I started using Michelle's tip of buying a higher fat content and watering it down. It saves so much! I have also used the powdered milk. My boys haven't noticed a difference in any of them.

Claire's Blogosphere said...

Greeting ,

Very well done blog. Its sure nice to see other mothers with supreme morals . Please check my blog out.

Grace said...

Arlene, Thanks for the great money saving tips. I agree it's always exciting finding good bargains while out shopping. I like what you said about praying before you go, that is something that we should all make a habit of.

Jendi said...

You are so right about praying. Praying specifically doesn't hurt anything either.
Looks like God provided some wants [restaurant meals] as well as needs. He truly is a great God!
Congrats on your good deals!

Michelle Finsand-Peacock said...

I sure agree that praying is the best thing we can do to help our money go further! I try to always remember to ask the Lord to guide me through my shopping trips and help me stay within our budget.

Thanks so much for linking to my blog post about stretching milk! I'm so glad this tip has helped people. Another online friend taught it to me, so the tip has stretched a long way (pun intended, lol).

liz said...

Great tips. Thankfully the milk at our commissary here isn't too high, but I would sure hate to pay regualar price for it. I think it's about $4 a gallon out in town.

Happymama said...

Great tips, Arlene, especially the praying tip!! I went over and read Michelle's tip and it's such a simple idea. Thanks for sharing these with us.


Kacie said...

Hi there! I've been trying to find a way to cut milk costs here. I paid $3.61/gallon today. I know it's worse in other places, but still!

Anyway, I haven't been able to find powdered milk at a price cheaper than regular milk. Here in Pennsylvania, it's $19.99 for a box that will make 20 quarts (five gallons) of milk. So that equals $4/gallon.

Any tips on where to get cheaper powdered milk? How much is it there?

Arlene said...

Hi, Kacie!
Well, we do most of our grocery shopping at the commissary onbase, so things are normally cheaper for us (one of our military benefits). But, we bought our powdered milk off-base at a No Frills supermarket. It was about $12, I think. Not much cheaper, but as I said, I just use it in baking or cooking -- every bit helps, right?

Is there an Aldi's or Kroger/Bakers/Dillons near you? I didn't buy a name brand box, so that helps keep the cost down.

Or do you know any military members (there is a Navy base and an Army base in PA) in the area? If they shop at the commissary, they could always pick up a box for you.

Or some places are doing groceries online. Maybe you could compare prices and see if that would help cut costs?

Hopefully, that helps a little... otherwise, that was a long comment for nothing, LOL!

Arlene said...

I meant to say they *sell groceries online and ship to you.

Kacie said...

Hi! I couldn't find any at the Aldi here. Maybe I should have asked someone. I think I will next time. No Kroger (or any of the others you listed) but I'm going to keep up the search.

I don't have any military friends here, and I don't know where the nearest base is to Pittsburgh, but if I meet someone, I'll definitely see what they have to say.

Thanks for the tips!