Missin' my Airman

Yesterday, My Airman had to go in to work, so he missed evening service. Church starts at 7, and he had to be in at the same time, so we left together (but obviously drove separate vehicles). We headed off in the same direction, but I made my turn onto the interstate while he continued straight toward the base.

As we turned our separate ways, waved, and blew kisses to each other, a familiar feeling enveloped me... an almost tangible ache. It doesn't really make sense, but sometimes when he leaves, I miss him so much that it hurts.

Maybe a little melodramatic, but it's true. :o)

Thankfully, the sadness was tempered with the fact that he would only be gone twelve hours instead of a 4 month deployment (as he did during our first few months of marriage)! Another good thing is that I've only had to deal with one deployment since we've been married. Also, due to our recent move, my husband was ineligible to deploy this year. So, I really can't complain. We've had a lot of together time, and I do love being married to my airman!

I never thought I would experience such a deep, abiding love; but I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such an amazing marriage to such a wonderful man. I only hope and pray that our marriage and love will continue to grow stronger and deeper as the years go by.

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