Birthday Bash Success

So, my best friend told me that I *must*post*pictures* or I would lose my status as aunt and sisterchick... okay, maybe she didn't say that in so many words. But, I know that's what she was threatening. And so, since my boy is napping, I will be posting pictures and giving little updates in between.

First, the party went off wonderfully! There were a few times when the secret was almost spilled (like when my honey came home Friday evening and said, "Guess what?! I got the rest of the night off!" and his birthday cake was baking in the oven! And the timer was fixin' to go off in, like, 10 minutes! Not that I panicked or anything, because, you know, I'm always completely rational and level-headed...unless there's a spider involved.). But ultimately, my man was utterly, totally surprised! Yay for me!

I did end up making the peanut butter frosting, so thanks to the ladies who "voted" and helped me with that tough decision! It was delicious and everyone raved about it. :~) All of the food came out perfectly, and I was even given a nice compliment from one of our friends. She said, "Well, you know if Arlene's cooking, it's going to be good!" That made me feel like a gourmet chef or something, hehehe! :o)

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a picture of My Airman's surprised face. But, we did get a picture of a few of us at the party. To the left are Jason, Sarah, and their son. On the right are Micah and Nicole. And, of course, my boy decided to be camera shy in this one. Oh, well. He has a lovely cowlick, don't you think? :P
It seems we have a thumb-sucker on our hands.
Actually, he always sucks the two in the middle,
and only sometimes
chews on his thumb. Love the goofy grin on this one, hehehe!

8 mos.


Anonymous said...

Yay Arlene! I was thinking the exact thing!! I cant believe he is 8 months already!! Wow he's adorable. he is a good mixture of both of you! Jenny

Rachel said...

Aawww!!! What a cutie. Thanks for posting pictures. :) He certainly has grown so much!!!

Mrs. C said...

Caleb is getting so big! I'm glad you posted some pictures of him, and I'm glad that the surprise party was a success. ;)
Mrs. C

Lau said...

DOMO!!!!!!!! Brandon is sitting on the futon and the first thing I said was "WOW! He looks like Mr LeFave!" and Brandon said "oh yeah, all the way from here I can see that!" He looks just like your Dad and your brother, so I guess that means he looks like you :) Thanks so much for posting those pictures! I love it. I cant believe how big he has gotten!!!! Oh, and does he have a red tint to his hair?!???!?!

roanne said...

Awww....Well, Im glad that you were able to pull off the surprise without a hitch, and it looks like you guys had such a blast. I think someone has a future as a party-planner......LOL

Your little man is getting so big!! I cant believe that in just a few short months he's going to be one years old. Where has the time gone?

Oh, and I like your jean skirt from the party. That's a good wash for your skin tone, especially with the black shirt. =D

Mrs.B said...

I'm so glad the party was a success!

And Caleb is getting so BIG! What a cutie! (o:


Samantha said...

I can't believe he's already 8 months! He is so adorable, and I see him looking more like you now. He still looks quite a bit like his daddy though:) That's hilarious that he sucks on his two middle fingers. My sister used to suck on her pointer finger and her thumb at the same time.

I'm glad to hear the surprise party went well. I'm terrible when it comes to keeping those kinds of secrets. I don't know if I could have pulled it off!

Under Southern Skies said...

How cute!

Grace said...

Your little guy is so adorable!:)

Happymama said...

Those are sweet pics. Hannah was sucked those same two fingers, but she would only do it if she had the ruffle of her blankie in the other hand. When I packed her blankie away, she quit sucking her fingers. It was so funny.

Caleb is getting so big!! You can see his personality in his pictures. What a doll!!!


Adele said...

I'm glad your surprise party was successful.

I can't believe how much Caleb has changed. 8 mos. already !?! It doesn't seem possible! He's got so much hair (coming from a mom who had bald babies).

Sandy said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Our Blessed Arrows. My hubby is prior AF, and we're Army now. We were in Okinawa for 3 years.