To Do List

I trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family! We had a great time with some friends here; lots of food, fun, and fellowship! We are good baptists, you know! ;o)

We've been keeping busy since Thanksgiving -- now's the time for planning all of those Christmas events, as I'm sure you're all doing the same thing.

Here's how my to-do list looks right now:
  • Get family photos done
  • Make out Christmas card list
  • Sign cards
    • Write a personal note in each one
  • Place pictures in card
  • Address envelopes
  • Buy Christmas stamps
  • Stamp and seal envelopes
  • Mail cards
  • Wrap presents
    • Jessica
    • Rebecca
    • Tim
    • Savannah
    • Josiah
    • Reuben
    • Inlaws
    • my parents
    • Kennedy
    • Laura
  • Pack up presents for shipping
  • Mail boxes
  • Decorate church for Christmas (Saturday)
  • Take down fall decorations
    • Put in storage boxes
  • Set up winter decorations
  • Bus Ministry Christmas party
    • Bake cookies
    • Wrap in cellophane bags
    • Print out tags
    • Purchase craft supplies
    • Finalize game ideas
  • Wrap presents for White Elephant Christmas Party
Phew! Guess I should probably get off of the computer and get moving!


Grace said...

My to do list looks pretty similar to yours, except you have a lot more crossed off than me...I think I'm the one that needs to get moving!lol!

Happymama said...

HEY! You forgot my name under the "Wrap Presents" list.