Christmas Break

My darling husband just called to let me know that he will be heading home in a few minutes. His leave officially starts on Monday, but we are going out of town tonight. We're hoping the baby's sleep schedule won't be too disrupted with the late-night travel. (Of course, he is his father's son... getting to sleep doesn't seem to be a problem. Ever. In fact, the issue is normally waking up. As in, they don't want to! LOL)

But I digress. (is that really a surprise?) We are planning to be back next Thursday or Friday, but I don't expect to post again until after the first. If you think of it, please pray for safe traveling mercies for our family. This is our first "real" road trip together, and I'll actually be doing some of the driving this time! (maybe you should pray for my hubby's patience, too, LOL)

We pray everyone will have a wonderful celebration of our Lord's birth! Merry Christmas!

And, we're off... "see" you next year! :o)


Mrs. C said...

May you have a very blessed Christmas! I'll be praying for you while we're on the road, too. Prayer helps keep me calm when we're traveling long-distance through the night. ;)

Katy said...

Hello! I just found your blog and i really like it! :) I will be visiting often! :) Hope you have a good trip and Happy New Year!!! :)