Here's my To-do list as it looks today:
  • Get family photos done
  • Make out Christmas card list
  • Sign cards
    • Write a personal note in each one
  • Place pictures in card
  • Address envelopes
  • Buy Christmas stamps
  • Stamp and seal envelopes
  • Mail cards
  • Wrap presents
    • Jessica
    • Rebecca
    • Tim
    • Savannah
    • Josiah
    • Reuben
    • Inlaws
    • My parents
    • Kennedy
    • Laura
  • Pack up presents for shipping
  • Mail boxes
  • Decorate church for Christmas (Saturday)
  • Take down fall decorations
    • Put in storage boxes
  • Set up winter decorations
  • Bus Ministry Christmas party
    • Bake cookies
    • Wrap in cellophane bags
    • Purchase craft supplies
    • Finalize game ideas
  • Wrap presents for White Elephant Christmas Party

Now I get to start a whole new one for our upcoming trip... I'm not jumping for joy about that (the list, I mean, lol). Although, I do love to see things get crossed off. :o) It makes for one of the best parts of my day, LOL!

P.S. Can you tell I'm a housewife? It's those really little things in life that make it all so much fun!


Susan said...

Gotta love scratching things off a list! LOL I do it too, and I get excited about it. Nothing wrong with that!

Arlene said...

That's what I tell myself, LOL! Besides, if the little things in life make me happy, it means my husband doesn't have to spend a lot of money to please me, so that makes HIM happy, LOL! :~)

roanne said...

Oh, wow, you REALLY break your lists down. Mine is just usually something like "Finish Christmas cards," not "address envelope, lick stamp, place stamp on envelope." LOL You're silly. =P

So, when are you guys leaving for your trip? Are you flying or driving?

Arlene said...

I break it down like that because then I feel like I've gotten more accomplished, lol. Otherwise, I could have most of a task done, but it still looks as if I've not finished anything! I know it seems ridiculous, but it really helps me keep some sanity, LOL! (which isn't saying much, I guess) :)

We are planning to leave Friday night... driving... with a baby... although, since we're leaving at night, we're hoping he'll sleep through most of the trip! :~)

Vicky said...

I LOVE to cross off things on my To Do list!! It's very gratifying! Plus it's such a visual for me - laundry done? CHECK! Dishes washed? CHECK! ha ha It's the organizer in me, I think. ;)

Tori said...

Wow your so productive!! I need to make a list too, since we leave for Croatia in 3 weeks. Thanks for the motivation!!

Arlene said...

Ladies, I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves the feeling of crossing things off my list! :~)

Have fun with your list, Tori; I bet it's a doozy!

Mrs.B said...

Good for you getting it all done!

And a person who is satisfied with the simple and little things in life tends to be a happier and joyful person!

I wish you and your family a VERY Merry Christmas!