Excuse me while I vent

My honey's been working a crazy schedule this past week. Saturday he worked 12am-6am.

(And he didn't try to sleep late Saturday morning because we do the bus visitation then. So, he didn't get any extra sleep and was up for 24 hours. Then, when he came home, we got right up to go to church. Yes, I tried to convince him that we could call Pastor and let him know about his work schedule and he should get some actual sleep (because, you know, sleeping during the sermon is generally frowned upon). But *cough* he's a little stubborn *cough* ;o) And, he loves church. Hates missing worship with a passion! So, I guess I can't really complain about that at all!)

Oh, and, no he didn't fall asleep during service! :o)

*ahem* So where was I?

Oh, yes. His work schedule.

Monday was 6pm-1am. Last night was 6pm-6am.

But, he was called back in and wasn't released until 7:30. Then -- finally! -- he came home. And my handsome airman was allowed to get some sleep!

Sort of. If that's what you want to call those 5 minutes in bed with his eyes closed. Because, shortly after his breathing slowed into a rhythm, the phone rang. And, back to work he drove.

I think I officially hate phones. Oh, wait. I wrote about that already.

He finally came home around 9:45, but he's heading in again at 4:30 and won't get off until 5am.

As usual, he is "taking one for the team." (to use his supervisor's words) It frustrates me to no end when the shop seems to rely on him to work the extra hours or forgo the day off. What? Are there no other airmen in the building???

I mean, I'm so glad that I have a hard-working, easy-going, non-complaining husband -- don't get me wrong there! He is definitely not one to shirk his duties. But, I just feel that his supervisors sometimes take advantage of his work ethic because the other guys will do what they can to get out of things.

And I thought I had it bad... At least this time I'm complaining for my poor, tired husband. He came home and pretty much passed out in bed. I haven't heard a peep from him all day. *sigh* Oh, well. Such is the military life, right? :o)

Oops. 3 o'clock. Time to rouse him from his beauty sleep!


sweetslady said...

Ugh! SOrry to hear he is working so much.

Vicky said...

Ugh, that is rough!! It gets hard on you, too, because a) you'd like to spend time with him and b) it gives you a break from the baby when he's home to play with the little one.

We'll pray that it's just busy NOW so he can have more time with the family for the holidays!!! :)

BTW, is he psyched that the Packers won their division and are looking good for the Super Bowl?? People are pretty excited here in WI!

Happymama said...

It's OK to vent. And you're right...the cause must be his work ethic. So tell him to slouch off a bit already! LOL KIDDING!


Arlene said...

SL, I know you understand how it goes; your hubby worked some crazy hours in Japan, too! Thanks for sympathizing!

Vicky, that is exactly why it gets tough; thanks for commiserating with me :)

He will be getting some leave over the Christmas season, so I am really looking forward to that! In fact, we will be visiting his family in WI, so we'll really be getting a break from his work! No calls, no nothing! :)

Yes, Nathan is extremely excited about the Packers' winning... he was even MORE excited that the Cowboys lost yesterday! Oh my word, you should have seen him running around and doing a happy dance, LOL!

Kristi, you know, I tried to convince him of that, but it didn't go over very well... something about bad EPRs and getting an LOC... :P Do you remember what all those letters stand for, LOL! ;o)

Your comments always cheer me up! Thanks, Kristi! :)