This and That

My little man (finally) cut his first tooth last week! It started to break out a bit last Monday -- one of the longest nights of my life, I tell you! It's almost been like having a newborn again... hmmm... do you suppose the Lord is giving me some early practice? ;o)

{and, before all the comments and questions start coming: No, we're not expecting another baby. (Although, we are certainly open to having as many as the Lord will allow... all in His perfect timing, of course.) I'll let you know when (if) that should change, though! :o) The baby is currently nursing enough so that I'm still in a state of amenorrhea -- yeah, another reason to breastfeed and delay solids!!! (And, if there are any male readers [uh, like, my dad] well, sorry for scaring you off there. It's safe to come back now, LOL!)} :P

In other news, our little man has also begun to pull himself up to a standing position. He first did so the day he turned 11 months, and has done it several times since then, though it's not quite a daily occurrence yet.

The first time he pulled himself up, I got all excited and was praising him and he just looked at me as if to say, "Mom, please; it's not a big deal." He acted as if he had known how to do it all along -- there was absolutely no hesitation on his part.

It truly is a treasure to watch him grow up before my very eyes. I am so thankful that my husband allows me (and desires for me) to be a keeper at home. If I were working somewhere, then some stranger would be watching my son accomplish these feats... I just can't imagine anyone else caring for my baby.

Someone once told me: "God didn't give us kids for someone else to raise," and that thought has always stuck with me. I was raised to believe that the wife should stay home and care for the children, but it wasn't until I was older that decided for myself that that's truly what I should do.

{I've even since changed my beliefs to reflect the fact that a wife should stay home. Period. Thanks in part to women like Michele who have decided to cherish their homes despite not raising children of their own. Thank you for your wonderful example!}

I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity... the privilege... the blessing of being a homemaker. Not just to be there for our child, but to care for our home and to support my husband.

I love it!

There's no better feeling than knowing that I am doing precisely what the Lord has willed for my life. Such a great calling He has given me -- all wives and mothers, really -- and I only hope and pray that I can fulfill my duties with that ever joyful spirit I keep blogging about.