Can't imagine where he's seen THAT?!

As I am sitting here checking my email this morning, I look over to see that somehow my little man found the remote for my old cd player/alarm clock (that we no longer use).

Yeah, our "office" is really just our storage room for everything... I'm hoping to change that once we move into our new apartment... whenever that will be!

At first, he is just banging it around on the floor and such.

"Hmmm... it would probably be a good idea to get that from him,
" I think to myself.

But before I reach for it, he brings it up to his ear and starts "talking" into it:

Ahh? Ehhhh... dadadadadada Ahhh?

Of course, I have no idea as to where he learned such behavior. *batting eyelashes innocently*


Anonymous said...

I just love bloglines, Arlene. You are a lifesaver, haha. I'm taking a break from nesting and it made me so happy to see something from "ever joyful"!!! I guess I should stop calling you now, haha. Kids pick up the cutest things! Give him some smooches for me :)

Arlene said...

Lau, see? you should listen to me more often! Just think of all the time you would have saved over the past YEAR if you had gotten bloglines earlier?! :P Now who's the slow pumpkin, huh? ;) I guess I should go send that email I've been putting off... otherwise, I will be getting a phone call from you, LOL!

*Hmmmm, maybe Caleb learned this behavior because of all the time I spend talking with his Auntie Lauuuuurrraaaa!*

I'll give him some smooches when he wakes up from his nap :) Pat the belly for me; just a few more weeks, and you won't be patting the belly anymore, can you believe it?!

Vicky said...

That is so cute! And he's a little pipsqueak to be picking that up already! :) Mikaylah is almost 15 months and she's just started the "fake phone chatting" business. It's so precious, though, isn't it? I was shocked when she started it, too! They are little parrots, those babies of ours. :)

Thanks for the smiles! :)

Samantha said...

Too cute! I've noticed that babies and toddlers tend to find telephones facinating. I wonder what they are thinking when they see us walking around talking to what appears to be no one :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! I always think it's so cute when Josiah pretends to be talking on the phone. Yesterday, I was holding him while talking to Jessica and since he didn't have anything else handy he just used his hand to "pretend talk". Give Caleb a hug from us!


Auntie Jessica said...

Anytime he wants a talking partner - just dial me. I have all the time in the world. (well - you know what I mean...) ;)