My Airman was moved to a new work schedule this past week. Mids. I think they are the worst possible shift E-V-E-R. First, I have to sleep by myself (he works 11pm-8am). And second, I don't even get to see him when he finally does get home, because I'm up for the day with the Little Man while my honey gets some much-needed sleep.

I don't enjoy not getting to see my husband. :o(

I'm getting used to the new schedule, though, so it's not as rough as it was at the beginning.

Speaking of rough -- yesterday afternoon, Little Man woke up from his nap screaming his head off and burning up! I'm not sure what he's come down with, but suffice it to say, it was a long day and an even l-o-n-g-e-r night.

So, we're home from church this morning as I don't want to pass this on to any of the other little ones in the nursery. I'm sure the other mothers wouldn't appreciate his sharing of sickness. :o)

Phew. When my honey works mids, there is always someone to relieve him and he gets 2 days off for the weekend. I'm learning that moms don't always get days off, LOL.

Oh, well. At least he's just super cuddly when he's sick and not really whiny or anything. I can handle snuggling -- I just have to turn down the thermostat, as he's like my own personal heater, LOL! :o)

Anyway, he's finally napping now, so I hope he'll get some good sleep to make up for last night. I should probably hop in the shower, though. Don't want to be all stinky when my hubby comes home, LOL! :o)


Adele said...

Hope Caleb feels better soon! It's never fun when a little one is sick.

Mrs. C said...

When you're dreading hubby's shift, just be glad that he's not on the other side of the planet, right? :)

I hope your little sweetie is back to his happy, healthy self real soon.