Overheard between services

Patti: Hey, Joe! Guess what?

Joe: What, Patti?

Patti: I'm changing my name for St. Patrick's Day!

Joe: Oh, really? *raising eyebrow*

Patti: Yeah... to Patti O' Furniture!

Joe *rolls eyes*

I laughed at her joke... when I told my husband what Patti said, he had pretty much the same response as Joe.

Oh, well.

Although we don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share this funny story with y'all -- even if I am the only one who will admit that it's funny!!! :P


Tori said...

Hey that's funny, it took me a second but finally got it! :0)

Lauren said...

That is really, really funny! It's like some people not understanding naming cars... C:

Arlene said...

Tori, thanks for letting me know I'm
not the only one who enjoys this corny humor, LOL!

Lauren, I'm so glad I'm not alone -- in thinking the joke is funny or in naming my vehicles! I have to tell my husband!!! :~)