Essentially, that is what we are doing around here. Our current house is fixin' to be demolished, so we have been looking around town for a new place to call home. We recently found an apartment in our price range that we really like, so after much thought, prayer, and deliberation, we scheduled a meeting with the leasing agent and put in our application for rent.
(Hmmm... is that a run-on? LOL)

Praise God, we were approved!

not that we thought we wouldn't be... but, you know... in everything give thanks! :P

Following the approval came some paperwork and -- my favorite part, hehehe -- decluttering! I'm not being sarcastic, either. I can't explain it, but I always feel so good when I get rid of unneeded things!

I enjoy going through the house, making a big pile on the floor, and boxing everything up to be dropped off at Goodwill or the Airman's Attic on-base.

I get frustrated when I see the entryway full of boxes that need to be loaded into the car, but I always breathe a huge sigh of relief once we return from the drop-off site. We've made 3 trips so far, and have at least one more to make.

It's a wonderful, freeing feeling for me. :o)
Now you know how truly boring I am!

Yeah, I have no idea where we got all this stuff, either! We've only been married (almost) three years and we are not big shoppers! LOL

I do my best to keep a clean home, but somehow, the clutter goes into hiding... I guess that's another one of the benefits of being a military family -- the moving around really forces me to keep on top of things! Even though the AF will pay for our household goods to be shipped, I don't want to be moving unnecessary things!

Anyway, our official move-in date is scheduled for May 10th, with our final inspection of this house being May 12th. We are really excited about our upcoming move, and I'm eager to get settled into our new place!

The most exciting thing for me is that we will have TWO bathrooms! *sigh*

Such luxury! :~D

Anyway, if you've been wondering why my posting and commenting have been somewhat scarce, now you know. There's still quite a bit of packing to be done (plus my inlaws are passing through next weekend) so I don't expect to be on here too often over the next few weeks. Maybe I'll be able to post more regularly after we're more settled into the new place... I'm hoping, at least! :o)

Tomorrow all of the young marrieds in our church are getting together for a BBQ and some games, so I need to get moving and start baking. I'll be bringing Lemon Bread (seriously good bread -- you MUST try it!) and Deviled Eggs. Yum, yum!

Happy weekend, everyone!


Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

I had to laugh as I read this post, as I can more than relate to your bit about decluttering. We just learned that which duty station we are heading to, and Sean is leaving in less than two weeks, and the decluttering has begun. Decluttering is almost like a high...once you start, you just can't stop ;o)

Wishing you well wishes for your move my friend! And happy decluttering ;D

Mrs. C said...

Since you enjoy decluttering so much, why don't you fly to my house and give me a hand? :) I have a HUGE amount of work to do over the next few weeks.

I'm happy that you will have 2 bathrooms in your new place--a girl needs a spot all her own. :)

Mrs. C

Arlene said...

Amy, that is exactly how I feel... it's addicting! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! :o)

Blessings and well wishes to you and yours, as well, as you prepare for your return back into life as a military family!

Mrs. C, I wish I lived closer so that we could be helping each other out with this decluttering! The good news is that you have 4 helpers at home (and 3 of them are future homemakers-in-training)! ;)

Roanne said...

Moving to a new place, how exciting! I think it's always fun to redecorate and find new places for pictures and furniture. =)

But, yes, I know what you mean about the amount of stuff you end up having! When Dan and I were moving into our house, we had SO MUCH STUFF to move. And we were both single and living in the dorms, so I had no clue where all this "stuff" came from. LOL

And now that we have been together for almost 3 years and live in an actual house together, I cant even imagine all the packing we'll have to do once we do get orders. Whew....

Oh, and dont forget to take pictures and post them of your new apartment, once you guys get all settled in!

But, I cant believe they're still doing a final inspection if they're just going to tear the houses down anyways. Oh well, I guess....LOL

Tori said...


I'm so excited that you guys found an apartment and not just an apartment but one 2 bathrooms!

It's great that you like to declutter, I do too. I can't stand to have things pilled up in closets and so on.

I'm sure your husband appreciates your keeping things decluttered and tidy.

Happy packing and moving, can't wait to see some pictures of the new place!

Adele said...

I hope you have a smooth transition to your new place! Happy decluttering!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you're happy about your move! It seems like you have a wonderful attitude regarding all the moving about. That must be a blessing to your husband!

Daughter of the King said...

There is something to be said about de-cluttering. IT is so freeing.
After having 23 years in the Air Force, you learn to toss...sell, share etc...
I do agree in principle "Less is More"