Elea Blake Colors

For those who don't know, I was analyzed a Dark Autumn in the Sci/ART (now Spectrafiles) system last August.  I've been trying out my new colors and recently ordered the color kit from EleaBlake, and thought I would share some of my findings here (I'm "hiding" this post in the archives so it doesn't go on my main blog page... don't want to seem too vain, lol.) 
Blush, shadows, lip/eyeliner

Lips (L Champion (tube); Center glosses; R lipsticks)
Little Man wanted to be in the pictures. :P

Eyes: Royalesk, Bossy, Valiant, Agreeable
Eye liner: Cactus
Blush: Warmth/Miss October
Lips: On the Beam, BFF
Foundation: Precious 
(too pink, maybe?  My neck looks considerably more yellow than my face.)
Eyes: Peacemaker, Valiant, Non-confrontational
          Cactus (liner)
Cheeks: Creative
Lips: BFF

So far, I am really loving my new colors, though I have gone/am going through a bit of an adjustment period...  If anyone would like to know more specific names of colors and/or other pictures, just let me know.  :o)

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