Getting there...

Well, we have been in our new place for about a week now. I can't say which aspects of our apartment that I enjoy more... 2 bathrooms? A dishwasher? Walk-in closet? Carpeting?!? Wait, maybe it's the lack of spiders?! I don't know for sure, but I can tell you that Abby has had no trouble finding her favorite spot: the balcony. She l-o-v-e-s it and comes running as soon as she hears the door opening! :o)
We're not 100% unpacked yet, but we've definitely made some headway. And, really... when I say "we" I mostly mean "me" lol! ;o)

My Airman's new shift change (12 hour midshift on weekend duty, plus the regular mids during the weekdays) meant that he moved all the boxes and furniture into the apartment then headed off to work. And when he's not working, he's been catching up on some much-needed sleep. (Although, he is my faithful handyman and has set up the washer and dryer, tv, bed frame, and computer before going in to the office... I never could have done those things without him!) I have to say, I had no idea how much I could get done while the toddler is sleeping and my honey's at work -- and I have the bruises to prove it, LOL!

I think I more fully understand the term "woman on a mission."

I also think I've really been initiated as a full-on Air Force wife -- I have unpacked and set up house in 3 different homes in less than 3 years!!! :o)

Anyway, I have some blog reading to catch up on before nap time is over! Hope you are having a blessed week! :o)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating! :) Was wondering how the move went..

Oh, I got you beat, 4 houses in less than 3yrs! haha. I'll even happily move again if it's back to Misawa!!

Tori said...

Aww, I'm so glad your moved in and enjoying the apartment.
I can't wait to see some pictures!!

I like the new layout, looks very nice.

Always happy to hear from you, I so enjoy your blog!

Vicky said...

Glad to hear it went well! With a little one (and a busy one at that ;) ) moving can be stressful. Sounds like you're making good headway on your unpacking, although I know you de-cluttered before the move (smart thinking!). :) We still have a few boxes to unpack, but they are items we know we will be selling - and we couldn't have had garage sale in WI in March when the snow was still flying. :) :) We're slowly getting ready for that, too!

I'm glad you're enjoying your new place - hope you and your honey get to spend some time together soon! :)

Mrs. C said...

I've been wondering how things were going. Glad you're getting settled in. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're settling in nicely. Tell Nathan hello and give Caleb a hug from us!


Deborah said...

I'm glad to hear you are getting settled in your new home.

Cherish the Home said...

I didn't know you were moving, how did I miss that? Anyway....glad you're getting all settled in and I agree with the rest, your blog looks *very* nice! (o: