Sharing some savings

I've recently discovered something that has saved me (uh, my husband, lol) a ton of money! It's one of those super-simple common-sense-things that I should have figured out sooner... but, I didn't. The point is, it takes a few extra seconds and -- nine times out of ten -- it works for me.

What is my tip for today? Before placing your orders, do a search for online coupon codes ! I just put in an order with Chadwicks (see those photos up there? Those are a few of the lovely items currently on their way to my closet, hehehe)

I just typed "chadwicks coupon codes" in yahoo search. Since these don't expire for a while yet, I thought I would share my finds:

CHDB90 ~ 90 days deferred billing (exp: 3Jul08)

chwelcome ~ 30% off one item (exp: 30Jun08)

CHWELCOME33 ~ Free shipping + 30% off one item (exp:30Jun08)

Happy shopping!

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Photos courtesyChadwicks.com
Coupon codes from Ultimatecoupons.com


Heart of Wisdom said...

Great Tip!

Thanks for posting,


Grace said...

Thanks for the tip. Oh, by the way, I love Chadwick's too...I bought a couple of my favorite dresses from them.

Tori said...

Wow, those are great tips, lovely things!

Samantha said...

Very pretty! I love that dress on the right.