Home again, home again, jiggety jig

Well, we made it home safely early Monday morning. We put over 1,700 miles on our car, and there were a few trips in between that we didn't even drive! I had wanted to save all of the gas receipts so I could see just how much we spent in that area, but after the first two stops... I decided I didn't really want to know anymore! :{ LOL

As much fun as we had with visiting friends and family, we are really glad to be back home, sleeping in our own beds, fellowshipping with our good friends here, and (tonight) attending our own church. Sometimes, you just don't realize how much you miss things until they're not around for a while. :o)

I'll leave you with a few snapshots from our trip, and then I'm off to catch up on some blog reading!


Jendi said...

Nice pics!
Your little boy is adorable.

roanne said...

Awww.....You guys all look great! And I cant get over how big Caleb is getting! What event did you guys go to where you were all dressed up?

roanne said...

Oh, and BTW, in the 3rd pic of you holding Caleb with Nathan and (I'm assuming) your in-laws, your arms look so toned! Must be from carrying around Caleb all the time. Who needs to go to the gym, right? Haha =)

Vicky said...

Glad you had a good (and safe!) trip, Arlene! Looks like there was nice weather. :)

Caleb is such a doll - he's getting so big!!

Tori said...

Those are great pictures, you have such a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

I liked all the pictures. :) Did you get the picture of Savannah and Josiah and Caleb? Or was that taken after you had emailed the pictures that you wanted back home? Savannah was very impressed with Caleb. :) Did you get my message about your dad wanting you to call him?

Glad you arrived home safely.


Grace said...

Glad you had a fun trip. I know what you mean about being glad to be home...there's just something about sleeping in your own bed.