Inquiring minds...

Everyone seems to be wondering, so I thought I'd let you know... my husband really did specifically ask me to make stuffed peppers for Saturday's lunch. And, yes, he was wide awake when he asked! I made sure of that ;o)

As for the egg salad sandwiches he so adamantly requested, when he awoke that day, I asked if he wanted them for lunch and he said no, he really didn't and why was I asking? LOL!


my house by the river said...

The stuffed bell peppers sounded quite tasty!

I am not too fond of egg-salad sandwiches either.

Have a blessed day!


Tori said...

Oh that's funny!

Happymama said...

That is so funny!


Vicky said...

I loved the sleep talking story, and I like your follow up! :) "Five eighty-five" really cracked me up. :)

My husband laughs because I talk in my sleep at times - not to the extent of Nathan, but a word or two here and there. Usually, it's when Paul sneaks into the bedroom after I've been asleep an hour or two and I'll be right in the middle of a dream.

One time, he swears I said, "Blueberry!" I got a good laugh out of that one. Another time, we had a "huh?" contest... I woke up and asked him, "Huh?" because I must have thought he asked me something. He didn't know what I said, so he replied with, "Huh??" and it went on for a couple of seconds. I vaguely remember that one, in a dreamy sort of way.

My daughter talks in her sleep, as I've witnessed it on several occasions. It's so precious, but I have to be careful not to laugh so hard to wake her up! :)