Anti-Procrastination Challenge

Crystal is hosting an anti-procrastination challenge today, so I figured I would use that as motivation to get me moving around the house! Surprisingly enough, it worked! I even managed to squeeze in an impromptu pillow fight with my honey while making the bed. Hmmm... that means I can cross off today's cardio, too, right?! :o) LOL

I haven't finished it all yet,
but I do feel great about what was accomplished.
I'm hoping to get to the rest after hubby heads to work.

Here's what's on my list today:

P.S. I totally won the pillow fight...
although my honey isn't admitting that just yet! ;o)


Traci Best said...

A clean kitchen!!!! WOW! I wish mine would look like that for just five minutes!

I'm in awe!


Sherry said...

You go girl! love the bread!