Opinions - pt. 2

Thank you so much for all of the suggestions, ladies! After I read the comments last night I gave them all a try.

Yes, I said all!

First, I tried switching the photo with the clock, but it didn't seem to fit very well. It was either too close to the lamp or it hung past the edge of the shelf, and I thought that was probably worse than how it was before.

As a side note: Did I mention that the walls in this apartment complex are painted with a very flat, matte, white paint? My walls got a good cleaning last night since I didn't think the random black streaks added much to my decor. ;o)

The main consensus seemed to be that the picture was too high. I knew I didn't really like the arrangement, but I just couldn't figure out why! I have always read and heard that items should be hung around eye level, but since I'm so stinkin' short um practically a midget I mean petite I tend to over-estimate what eye level is for someone of average height. lol

So, what I finally ended up doing was moving the picture, wire rack, and calendar down about 6 inches or so. Guess I should have done that in the first place! Would have saved me some scrubbin'! And the step ladder could have gotten a break! :P

Only thing left to do now is buy some spackle to cover the 153 extra holes in the wall...


Anonymous said...

I know I didn't comment on the original post, but I just wanted to say that I really like where the picture is placed now that you lowered it. It was nice to see some pictures of your home, too, since we've never been there. You should do a "this is our home" post with pictures. :o)


Grace said...

That is so neat that we were in your sister-in-law's church! It's such a small world! I'm pretty excited about getting to meet you in person. It is neat how we've gotten to know each other through our blogs:)I've been reading your blog so long now that I don't even remember how we "met".

your picture looks great there. It usually takes me awhile to decide where I want to hang pictures. I guess it's because I'm afraid to mess up our walls since we're renting and we'll be moving before too long.


Anonymous said...

your so cute. I LIKE THE OUTCOME ALOT. Very nice. Jenny

Kristi said...

I missed your post before this one. I always use swags to fill space.

I like the way you've arranged your wall. Sorry about the scrubbin'. LOL