Taste of Home




Lau said...

I like your last layout better, it was super cute.

Oh and there are weird symbols on your link things!

Im glad your blogging a lot more than once a month now, hehe ;)

Sherry said...

Yummy!! :D I can't read some of the links/words. :(

Liz Brown said...

:) I was just eating the same thing the other day. MMMMM good.

I gave you a blogging award -- see my blog for details!

Arlene said...

Hmmm... I just looked at my page with IE and now I see what you're talking about. The font shows up fine in Firefox; weird how that happens sometimes, huh? I'll try to see if I can fix it. Thanks!

Lau, I know; I liked the last one better, too, but some of it was too hard to read (the font blended too well with the background), so that's why I changed it. I haven't decided how much I like this one. I'll probably change it again soon, LOL! It was just too late last night to try another one!

Liz, I'll have to stop by later and see; thanks! :o)

Mrs. C said...


sarahf730 said...

I like your new layout -- much easier to read. :-)

Kristi said...

LOL, nothin like a 'mater sandwich...unless, of course, it's homemade!



Sandy Toes said...

This looks yummy...the bread is wonderful...you can just tell from the picture!
Sandy Toes at www.shellinyourpocket.blogspot