Sometimes, I still can't believe my little baby is walking and talking.

For a few months, it seemed he was "stuck" with just a few words that he used over, and over, and over again... and then, something happened and his vocabulary just exploded!

Now, he says close to 50 words (I think... I'm losing track, lol), and he'll pretty much repeat anything he hears. (To which I say: it's a good thing we don't swear, or I can only imagine the kind of vocabulary he'd have!)

I've been trying to keep a record of what he says because I know this baby talk stage won't last forever... and I thought I would post them here for future use as blackmail the sake of posterity. ;o)

15~16 months

ah-moh -> all done
ah-mee -> amen!
baaa -> ball

-> belly
nah -> boo

-> book
nye-nye -> bye-bye

-> car
cawkie -> cracker (now it means any food, in general)

-> drink
dooww -> down
gock -> dog

-> eat
go?! -> where'd it go?
hiii! -> hi

-> knock-knock
mawk -> milk (nursing)

-> more
niiiiiigh -> "nice"
(generally used for any furry animal because I tell him to "pet niiiice, be nice to kitty")

-> outside
sush -> shoes

-> truck
bop -> up
ah-oh -> uh-oh
wock -> walk

17 months

uppie -> airplane
ah-duh -> all done
baps -> bath

beep -> bird
boo -> boo, broom

daaaaa-deee -> daddy
feesh -> fish

fwowow or fwofow -> flower
gook -> good

-> hello

aaap -> help, up
(the only way to differentiate is to watch him sign the words)

-> home
im -> in (inside)

kiki -> kitty
mooow -> meow
mama -> mommy
(or any person from whom he is requesting help. yeah, male or female.)

ah no! -> oh, no!
naws -> nose
mease -> please

dooo -> two
geck you -> thank you

deee -> three

ucky -> yucky
ummy -> yummy


D'Rae said...

He is getting to be a such a doll! Don't you just love the way they talk at that age? so precious and cute!

Kelli said...

What a cutie! They sure grow up fast don't they?!
P.s. Thank you for your sweet comment on my giveaway post!

Tori said...

Aww, that's precious!! That is a really sweet time, enjoy!

Vicky said...

That's great that you're writing these things down! I'm surprised at how much I am forgetting, so I'm glad I have a small journal for Mikaylah. I just bought one for the new baby as well. :)

He's got quite the vocabulary!! Isn't it amazing how one day they are so baby-like and the next, they are toddlers - running, talking, jumping? It's so fun to experience it with them, though. :)