Almost time

My honey and I have been doing some Christmas shopping over the past few weeks. We're not totally finished, but we have more than half of our list completed -- can I tell you how excited that makes me?!?

I'm We are getting things together earlier and earlier each year.

(wanna know my ultimate dream-come-true: Someday, I'd like to get all my shopping done before June... maybe even earlier. Wouldn't that be just lovely?)

I'm ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief...

Of course, nothing has been wrapped or boxed up for mailing, so I really shouldn't get ahead of myself. Plus, we still have to get our family photos done before I can get Christmas cards together...

Oh, dear. I think it's time to break out a new list. I can't wait until it looks like last years'!

So, does anyone else do their shopping early?
Or are you last-minute shoppers (like my airman prefers to be)?

P.S. Please don't hate me for bringing this up!

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Laura said...

I shop early, too. But, this year I have totally been slacking and havent gotten much! I'm blaming it on the fact that I have two kids to take care of now. I think we might finally be getting situated as a family of four, haha.

Hey, have you guys put up a tree at your own house yet? I forgot if you did or not last year.

Mrs. C said...

Good for you, Arlene! Last year I did all of the shopping for our kids in just two hours one afternoon. I would like to do something similar this year. I'm finding that if I purchase gifts too early, I end up forgetting that I bought them. Must be early signs of old age. :)

The Nelson's said...

I LOVE doing it early! I have some done already. We aren't going all out this year, mainly just doing family and each other.

But I do have lots of it already done. I like it better because then I don't feel like I am spending sooo much considering its not all in on huge chunk. Little by little.

Is that pic of your tree up already?

Sherry said...

Last year I put together boxes/baskets of goodies for everyone and for the kids I had bags full of coloring books, little toys, dolls, crayons and such from the dollar store.

This year I am going to do family night in baskets complete with popcorn, dvd rental from Netflix or Blockbuster, crystal lite, etc. Kaycee and I are going to work on some bows for the girl cousins - 3 of them. Any ideas?

Arlene said...

No, we haven't put up a tree here yet, Lau. Last year we went to visit Nathan's family, so since we were going to be gone several days before Christmas and come back almost after the new year, we just decided not to decorate... what would be the point, right? This is our first Christmas in the new apartment, though, so I'm not exactly sure where we would fit a tree... I have some time to think about it, thankfully! Of course, we have to get one first! :o)

Mrs. C, I wouldn't call it old age... mainly because I do the same thing! I try to just keep the gifts all together and have a running list of items already tucked away; then I don't have to rely on my memory!

Tiffany, LOL, no that is not our tree up! I'm not that eager to get ready for Christmas! :P It's a pic from allposters. :o)

The reason you mentioned is exactly why we've been trying to get stuff done early... we just want to spread the cost out over a few paychecks instead of just one! Much easier on the wallet that way. :o)

We're doing the same, too. We mostly only do gifts for family and each other.

Ooh, that sounds like a great idea, Sherry; I think I'll do something like that, but for Nathan! As for the bows, I have a link bookmarked somewhere in my folders, so I'll email that to you later today! :o) I hope you'll post pictures (um, well, after Christmas so you don't ruin any surprises, LOL)

Kelli said...

Good for you, Arlene! I am determined to finish my shopping and craft making early this year. I guess I should start since it's already the end of September!
I saw your question about the picture and I'm afraid I don't know anything about the frame or paper cutting. I would love to learn how to do that someday, too. :0)

Scribbit said...

Wow I am impressed--I start to think of mine after Thanksgiving. You're amazing!

Samantha said...

Actually, this past year has just flown by since Grace has joined our family. Why is it that time seems to go by so much faster after you have a child? Anyhow, I was just thinking about Christmas and how close it is already! I can't believe we're heading in October.

I'm glad you posted this because it inspires me to get rolling on this instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving when the madness begins. It would be so wonderful to have the shopping done and to be able to enjoy that special time of year for what it's really about. So thank you for the inspiration!

Oh, I may wait on putting the tree up for a couple of months yet though :)

Samantha said...

...I meant INTO October!

Arlene said...

You know, I've always wondered the same thing, Samantha -- I thought it sped up enough once I graduated high school... I've been wishing it would slow down ever since! I don't think it'll happen, though, LOL!

P.S. I don't put up our tree this early, either! Actually, we still don't even have one, and if Nathan gets his way, we'll be getting a live one... so, yeah, definitely not going up any time soon! I'm a firm believer that Christmas decorations shouldn't go up until at least after Thanksgiving! But, that's just my opinion. :o)

Arlene said...

Awww, thanks, Michelle! *blushing* :P

Jendi said...

You mean I should start getting ready for Christmas? It's not even Thanksgiving yet. LOL!

Starr said...

Wow I'm totally impressed! I've "thought" about it, but that's as far as I've gotten! LOL
Hey, Arlene, I'm having a 100th post give away over on my blog. Come on over and toss your hat in the ring!

Tammy said...

I have some presents in mind, does that count? =P

roanne said...

I just started shopping for my Christmas stuff, and by that I mean I picked out Dan's "big" present this year. LOL

Dan and I usually give each other one big, main present and then "smaller" presents (gift cards, clothes, DVDs, video games, etc) . Last week I was at the mall and came across the perfect gift for him that I know he'll love, so I figured I'd get it for him and then save it for Christmas (but now I dont know if I can wait that long! HAHAHA).

I cant wait for Christmas this year either! I have so much new decorations that I got during the after Christmas sale last year, all of them are still in the box, and I cant wait to bust those babies open!