Chop, chop!

Every week, Tammy hosts Kitchen Tip Tuesdays.
Every week, I want to take part.
Every week, I forget.
Or I can't think of a good tip to share.
Either way, I never get to use Mr. Linky.

Well, not this week!
This week, I remembered on-time!
This week, I have a great tip!
And, this week, I am taking part!

I'm excited, can you tell? :o) LOL

My tip today involves bell peppers.

Our Pastor's wife has a little garden in her backyard, and right now, it is producing prolifically. You know what that means, right? Free produce! ;o)

Last week, Mrs. L gave me two huge pails full of veggies -- okra, tomatoes, and bell peppers (okay, they were full of veggies and fruit, since tomatoes are a fruit... but I digress).

Normally, I make Spaghetti Sauce with all those yummy home-grown tomatoes, and that used up some of those bell peppers, but even after making a few batches of sauce, there were still quite a few left. So, I just chopped them up, loaded 'em into a large zip-top baggie, and stuck it in the freezer.

This is where my tip comes into play...

I used to halve the peppers, remove the stem, rip out the seeds, and peel off the white segments. A little time-consuming, honestly. Now, I do this:

Simply slice down on a curve, leaving all the junk behind. Repeat the process for each side of the pepper, and toss the whole thing -- seeds, stem, and all into the trash. Then I just chop the bell peppers into strips, bag, and freeze. Now, when I want to make, say, Bulgogi or my mom's stir-fry, these beautiful green babies are right at my finger tips.

Before you go thinking I'm a genius, I have to give credit to Martha Stewart (well, actually. Martha didn't teach this one to the viewers; one of the editors from Everyday Food did. Click here to watch a video clip of the segment (titled Emma Feigenbaum 2))

All that to say -- Thanks, Emma; your tip has been a huge help in my kitchen!!! I hope it'll help someone else, too.

Want to read more great tips? They're up at Tammy's place!


Sherry said...

Great tip, Arlene! That is wonderful to be blessed with fresh veggies!!

Those recipes sound scrumptious!! Hugs!!

roanne said...

That's a great idea! How does the green pepper taste in the bulgogi? I make mine without it, so I was just wondering.

Arlene said...

Hey, I figured I would answer your comment here and in an email... just in case, because I never know which place you'll check! :o)

So, anyway, I love bell peppers in anything, so I think they taste great in bulgogi (I linked to the recipe we use, though it doesn't list many veggies; I think it's really a matter of personal preference). We normally use carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, snow peas, garlic and onions.

Oh, but if you use fresh/raw mushrooms, make sure not to add them to the marinade. Add them to the pan when you start cooking, otherwise they can get soggy! (If you use canned mushrooms, then of course, you can add those to the marinade).

Hope this helps! :o)

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty cool tip! But I'll stick with my "Chop Wizard" I shared bell pepper chopping photos in my post entitled

"5 minute veggie chop"


Monica Diorio said...

That IS a good tip, Arlene. And I'd use it if I didn't already have the "Chop Wizard" like Julie. I LOVE mine!! Especially when you're fixing Mexican food. Or when I want to make my spaghetti sauce on the "chunky" side, I use this.