I (still) love my job

I had big plans for today. Last night, I set the timer on the washing machine, so the wash would be ready to load into the dryer as soon as I awoke. I went to bed a little earlier than normal (as in, before midnight... yes, I know I shouldn't stay up so late, but what else can a girl do when her honey is working all hours of the night? But - praise the Lord - he is supposed to be off the twelve hour shifts mid-October!) in hopes of getting my day started bright and early.

My plans were to:
Bake bread
Whip up some cookies
Do some laundry
Prepare a pot of soup for dinner
Do some more laundry
Load/unload dishwasher

Only, the toddler had other plans. Apparently, he's come down with something, so he awoke before 5 this morning, and I couldn't get him back down to sleep until after 6:30 (please don't tell me if you normally wake up at that time. I just can't bear to hear that anyone is functioning that early in the morning, lol).

Just after I got settled under the covers, my honey came home (finally, yay!). And, of course, the Little Man awoke again, so my sweet hubby went in to check on him. He normally sleeps pretty well, so for him to wake up so many times and be up for so long is unusual. But, as I said, I think he's caught a cold of sorts, because his nose has been running non-stop, and he has a slight cough. Poor thing.

Well, after having lost that much sleep... um, let's just say that the alarm clock was not greeted very cheerfully this morning. And, yes, I burrowed back under the covers. Until 8:30. When my little man woke up. Sopping wet. With an extremely runny nose. And got me all wet, too. Nice.

So, after cleaning him up, changing his sheets, and getting him some breakfast, I was hoping to get to my list. But that's when Abby decided to *ahem* lose her breakfast. On the carpet. In two separate spots. Nice.

By this time, Little Man was done eating, so I gave him a cracker in an effort to distract him from touching *ahem* the kitty's "breakfast." While cleaning the carpet, I suddenly noticed how strangely quiet my child was being. (Any mother knows this is not a good sign)

I decided to finish what I was doing because, really, how much trouble could he get into? (thankfully, not that much!) This is what I found. Apparently, it's more fun to crumble the cracker, crush it into the carpet, and then eat it. Piece by piece. Of course. Nice.

I'm learning that, as a mom, sometimes, you have to take a picture and laugh... otherwise, you might just go crazy.

I guess the carpet needed to be vacuumed this week anyway, so I just got to it a little earlier than I had planned.

Did I mention all this took place before ten o'clock?

And, then, after Little Man had gone down for his nap, I was simmering the soup and decided to see what Martha was up to while simultaneously checking my email. So, of course (as I'm sure you experienced wives guessed), I forgot about the soup and came back to a bubbling mess on the stove. (Thankfully, the soup still tastes dee-lish!) But, while I was trying to clean up the stove, I inadvertently knocked over the bottle of lemon juice. All over my newly-cleaned stove top. Nice.

Lemon is supposed to have natural cleaning properties anyway, right? Surely, the bottled stuff works just as well. ;o)

It's been quite a morning for me, that's for sure. Thankfully, my guys (yes, I mean my honey and my little one) are still sleeping soundly, and I'm almost caught up on my list. :o)

Despite all the craziness homemaking involves, I have to say, I wouldn't trade my place with anyone else (or for anything else) in the world!

I hope your mornings have gone a little more smoothly! Now I'm off to finish that baking!


sarahf730 said...

What a day!! Not like you Arlene!! You are always so planned and perfect :-) I know how those days are though -- not fun!! You feel like you are just moving from one mess to another and that you can't catch up! I hate that.

Vicky said...

Gotta love those days!!! :P :)

I'm glad you can keep your sense of humor about it all, and aren't you glad that you are a homemaker, instead of worrying about rushing off to daycare and work? Ugh, the thought of doing that would make ME lose my breakfast! ;)

Laura said...

Oh my goodness. I've had so many days like these... it's just what's expected now. The good days definitely outweigh the bad ones. Oh, and you know what, a couple of months from now, you most likely wont even remember this day (unless you re-read about it, or look at the picture). Hope tomorrow is better for you!

Tiffany said...

I love how you are so positive about the bad mornings. And like Laura said, you won't remember this!

Hope your day got better!

Mrs. C said...

Mama said there would be days like this. ;)

Sherry said...

Great day! That is some kind of morning, Arlene! Hope Caleb feels better soon!

Jendi said...

Somedays it's best to just put the list away for another day. :)

You can take a picture, laugh, and think about what great blog fodder he will provide you with for years to come. :)

Or do like me and repeat over and over, "They'll be gone in 20 years..."