Little Juggler

My little man is such a copy cat! Take a look at this video of him trying to "guggle" just like Daddy... um, please excuse my random giggling in the background, LOL!

Where did this walking, talking, running, juggling little BOY come from?
Where did my little BABY go? *sigh*

I have to admit, though: it's been fun to watch him grow up. I just wish it wouldn't happen so quickly!

P.S. Make sure to say a warm "hello" to our Pastor's wife while you're there. I've been helping her with all kinds of computer stuff lately, so she needs plenty of encouragement and I know you ladies are great at that! :o)


Sherry said...

That was too cute! :D

Sarah said...

My mom showed me that -- it was soooooooo cute!! Thanks for helping her out with her blog. She still thinks she likes Facebook better. We'll see though!

Adele said...

What talent! I didn't know Nathan could juggle. Boy, you think you know a guy.... :)

Unperfected Perfection said...

Hi, Mrs.Orr! Your lil boy is SO cute!!!

Samantha said...

I watched this a few days ago, but didn't get a chance to comment. This was adorable! Children are such a blessing :)