My friend Sherry tagged me for this meme, and it seems this has been going around the blogosphere lately, so I figured I'd better get typing!

1. I can't stand the sound of a fork scraping across a plate. It literally makes me *shudder* and *cringe* and plug my ears!

2. One of the first things I ever notice about a person are the eyebrows. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows must be the window treatments (I don't know if that's original, or if I heard that somewhere! I'll take the credit, though! ;o) LOL). As such, I feel they should be groomed accordingly. Too sparse, too thick, newly trimmed, freshly waxed, overplucked, overdrawn -- I notice. I might be a little obsessed...

3. It really bothers me when I hear a person say: "The great thing about having a c-section is that you can pick the baby's birthday!" Yep. That's a wonderful reason to schedule major surgery and put mother and baby at risk for a number of complications.*

4. I'm still afraid of the dark. But only just a little tiny bit. I'm learning to get over it (mostly) since my airman's been working nights.

5. I always knew I would marry a military man. I just... knew. I'm not sure exactly when or how I came to this realization, but it was sometime during my teen years.

6. I've eaten raw salmon, fried octopus, dried squid, and (cooked) cow tongue. I didn't like the texture of the first three or the taste of the third, but I actually enjoyed both texture and taste with the fourth. I don't know where the lady had gotten the meat or what recipe she used, but it was really good -- I promise, it just tasted like regular ol' shredded pot roast!

7. I fold all the plastic bags I get from the grocery store into little triangles... you know, like those paper footballs the guys always made in school? I discovered all kinds of neat space-saving tips while we were in Japan! :P

I highly recommend turning your speakers off before pushing play. :o)

I can't think of anyone who hasn't done this yet, so if you haven't, and you want to, go ahead. Let me know after you post, and I'll stop by for a visit. :o)

*Just to clarify, I'm not against using cesareans for actual emergencies.
I'm against using surgery to deliver babies when God created a completely different method of birth.


Sherry said...

You look at eyebrows?! LOL! :D Yep, that's Arlene!

shhh, i dont like the dark either sometimes.

Do you really fold those bags? Cool!

Glad you did this!!

Anonymous said...

Folding your bags into triangles?! That has to be the strangest thing I've ever seen. It never would occur to me to do something like that! It was also slightly fascinating to watch the video. Wow. ;)


Samantha said...

Eyebrows? Really Arlene? Too funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's still afraid of the dark :)

Laura said...

My Mom does the same thing with her plastic bags. I love it though. Defintely a space saver :)

The Nelson's said...


Eyebrows, thats pretty funny!

And guess what I just did?.....I just finished folding my bags into triangles. Haha. They were shoved on the bottom shelf next to the dog dishes, and sometimes Kaci would pull them out...now its not so much of a cluster! Thanks!

Maybe I should do this...

Brittney said...

Hahaha.... we have too much in common :). The eyebrows, the C-section outlook, the military hubby, the folding plastic bags..... However your choice in food.... WOW! yuck. :) lol

I like you ;)

Anonymous said...

I've read lots of these and yours has to be one of the most interesting I've read so far! (o:

I've never heard of scheduling a cesarean so you could choose a child's birthday--wouldn't they just induce labor instead?!

And the plastic bag thing is *really neat*, thanks for sharing the video.

Anonymous said...

I know just about everyone has said it, but I LOVE the bag idea! Bags are always so frusterating to store, but not anymore!! Got any more space-saving ideas?

Betty Beguiles said...

I'm with you on #1! I can't stand that sound. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

Jendi said...

My husband and his dad hate the silverware on plate noise. I never thought about it until after we were married and I saw him wincing.

Sherri said...

My kids argue over who gets to fold the grocery bags now. It's awesome! :oD They can't wait to show everybody they know, even at church. :)