Today's Mail

Check out the great deal we got at Omaha Steaks!*

Total Cost = $1.98
8 burgers
Plus 6 FREE burgers
6 piece knife set
Cutting board

Did I mention it was under two bucks -- with shipping?!

Yet another reason I love blogging: so many great finds!

Do you subscribe to MoneySavingMom or Common Sense with Money?
If not, you totally should! :o)

*Click here for more details on the transaction...
hopefully, this deal is still working!


Sherry said...

Wow, great savings, Arlene! I'm going to check out this deal!

Starr said...

haha I came over here to remind you about the recipe for Island Chicken, Arlene. And I got caught up in your post for today! I am totally going to sign up for this when I get home from church!
My hubby doesn't think it can be for real. But I read dozens of comments from satisfied customers! I sure hope it works for me! Thanks for the tip!!

Sarah said...

I used that too -- I didn't see the knives & cutting board though -- I got 4 steaks and 12 burgers and I spent $23.00 -- I thought I was doing pretty good -- Jason didn't believe that they were just giving $25 for free but it was definitely legit.

Jenny said...

tell me how to sign up to get this!!


Samantha said...

WHAT?!! That's a great deal!

Laura said...

There are 2 of these deals going on right now. I would so have signed up for them, but Im not home :( Im glad you got to take advantage of it though! Awesome!