The Lost Ring

When My Airman and I got married, my parents gave us their original set of wedding bands. I have my mom's and my husband has my dad's (obviously)... well, he had. Sometime during the shuffle of our recent move, my honey's ring was lost. :o(

We tore apart the house and turned it upside down (well, worse than it already was from the move, I mean), but to no avail. That was in May. His ring finger has been "unclaimed" ever since.

Well, my honey's birthday is coming up soon, so I've been busily planning away! I'm keeping another secret from my husband this year, but I just can't decide what to do...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love giving presents. I get really excited about them, and then I just can't wait until the birthday/Christmas/special event to give the gift! Seriously. When I say I can't wait -- I mean: I can't wait!

I usually end up spoiling the surprise and/or giving the present early!

It's a sickness, I tell you.

Anyway, as you may have guessed from the first paragraph, I went and got him a new wedding band. I called all the local jewelers to find the best price for a simple, 14k gold ring. The lowest price I found was over $250. The highest? 840. Dollars. Yes, it's crazy! And, um, yeah... not in the budget.

My original price range was around $100, and if I couldn't find anything for that, I was just going to scrap the whole idea. In desperation, I did a search online and found this one.

Did you see the price? Yep, exactly $100. The best part is that after I placed the order, I received free shipping and a $15 discount, so I came in well under budget. Isn't God good? :o)

It arrived this morning, and it looks almost exactly like the original band -- how perfect! I was thinking about getting it engraved with an excerpt from Proverbs 5:18 or Song of Solomon 8:7. Now, here's my issue: I just can't decide whether I should give it to him first, or take it in myself to have it engraved, and give it to him then.

So, what would you do?

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D'Rae said...

hmm... I would engrave it first, then give it to him.

I too am just like you in the gift-giving department! I just can't wait so I can't buy gifts till the last minute...

Laura said...

Engrave it first!!

The Nelson's said...

I agree, engrave it first!

And I am JUST like you! I love giving gifts and usually can't wait for the actual event/date to take place before giving it!

Aaron and Rachel Smith said...

Engrave it first. It is a special message from you that way-- a memory for him.

My husband CAN'T WAIT. I always get things early.

Jenny said...

Engrave it will mean so much

roanne said...

I agree with everyone else, get it engraved first! It will make it even more special that way. =)

Well, I'm happy that you found the perfect ring for your hubby. I dont know what I would do if Dan ever lost his ring. Probably have a heart attack, and then kill him! LOL ;-)

Sherry said...

Definitely engrave it! :D How sweet, ARlene! :D
Praise God on your great deal!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

What a sweet idea! I'm glad you decided to have it engraved too. It will be such a meaningful gift for him!

Lauren said...

maybe too late, but I would engrave it first, as well!