Black Friday

Do any of you guys shop Black Friday? (Well, Kristi does... but we all know she's a little off her rocker anyway ;o) LOL! I'm kidding -- she knows I love her!)

I've only done so a few times. Actually, it was sort of a tradition with me and my dad while we were in Japan. We would get up reeeeeaaaaally early, go to the BX, and wait in an extremely long line just to get the gift cards and/or coupons the workers were passing out.

We weren't crazy about it, though, as we didn't buy too much on those days. Then, after we were tired of the pushing, shoving, teeming masses, we would go through the checkout and head to the food court for some breakfast. It was fun... but I do enjoy getting my sleep a little more these days, hehehe. :o)

I'm sorry I couldn't go with you today, Dad!

I've never understood all the craziness that goes along with the whole idea of Black Friday, and maybe that's another reason I tend to avoid it. However, there are some good sales out there, if you look hard enough! I thought I'd let you know about one great sale going on that you don't have to leave your house for or even get up out of your seat! :o)

For every 2 products bought, get one free -- no limits!


Sherry said...

I dont shop Black Friday either. I'd rather shop from my seat not my feet. LOL!

Grace said...

I usaually don't shop on Black Friday. I'm not much of a shopper to begin with and the crowds just make it a little too overwhelming!

BTW I love your blog's new look:)


Angie said...

While I have gone out and shopped on Black Friday many years in a row, I haven't gone in the last two years. And, know what? I'm happier that I haven't -- it means I buy the kids less junk, just because it's on sale.

Mara (the coffee lover) said...

Have not shopped on black Friday yet.. one day though... just so I can experience the craziness!

Deborah said...

I'd never heard of Black friday until this year...I guess it's not a Canadian thing...ours is Boxing day. Anyway, I heard the other day that people were injured this year and one man was shot at toys r us...fighting over a toy!
Now I know why I don't go shopping on boxing day!!