Learning hospitality

I'm usually one of those people that don't have others over very often. Terrible, I know. I think, mainly, it's the perfectionist in me that makes me hesitant to invite anyone into our home. I see all the things that "need" to be fixed or finished before I can declare our home to be "perfect." I'm trying to work on this attitude, because I know it's not the right kind of spirit to have.

Thankfully, we have made some great friends here... they happen to like my cooking and don't care what the house looks like! :o) I've even gotten to the point that if there are *gasp* dishes in the sink when they come over, I don't go into a complete panic.

Anyway, we're having them over for dinner tonight (and at least one round of Train... yeah, we gave it a nickname -- "Ticket to Ride" is just too long, LOL!), so I thought I'd share our menu.
*Sarah's bringing these

We were also going to have potato salad or veggie sticks on the side, but the other couple that was coming just called to say they can't make it tonight. Oh, well... more goodies for us! ;o)

It's nothing special or spectacular, but everything I listed is g-o-o-d! And the whole point is the fellowship with good friends who share our faith and are like family, right?

Anyone else have any favorite go-to meals when expecting company? I'm always on the look-out for tried and true recipes to add to my collection! :o)

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Adele said...

Cincinnati chili. (I probably spelled that wrong and am too lazy to look it up!). It's fairly fast and easy once you have the ingredients on hand. I've had to learn to not worry about having things perfect too. If I waited for perfection I'd never have anyone over.

Jason put Ticket to Ride on his Christmas list for this year. I'm guessing you would give it a thumbs up?

roanne said...

Glad to see I'm not the only with the OCD about having the house spotless before guests can come over. LOL

That German Apple cake sounds YUMMY! I have a potluck at work this coming week, so I might give that a try.

Oh, and my "go to" meals for when we have company is usually my mom's recipe of Chicken Adobo with rice or Cowboy Spaghetti. Everyone that I've cooked for has loved it; well, at least, they say they love it. LOL

Michele said...

I struggle with perfectionism too but I'm working on it.--I did better the last time we had company.

And your menu sounds *delicious*!!

Tori said...

Wow your menu sounds delish! I hope you have a great time.

I'm with you, I hesitate to make the first move to invite folks over for the very same reason. I have trouble doing things if I can't do them perfect so then I miss out on a lot because of the perfectionism.

Hope you had a great time, I'm sure your guests did!

Sarah said...

Arlene, your house is always spotless. It's me that always worries when you guys come over. I hate cleaning so it always waits till the last minute, but if we decide to wait till the last minute to invite people over -- well...the house does NOT get cleaned then. So, I've just learned to "not sweat the small things". Time with friends and family is what is remembered in the long run -- not if my house was clean or not. And by the way our menu last night was delicious! That pie took me so long -- don't know if I will do that again! :-) (for others reading -- it was a frozen pie that I bought!! but it was good!)

Laura said...

Hope you guys had fun! I am the same way about people coming over, but friends come over announced so often now that I've calmed down quite a bit. Although, if YOU were to come over, I'd be a mess, hahaha.. love you, Laney.

Hey, is bloglines working for you?? It isn't for me :(

Laura said...

Ignore the last part of my other comment.. I am switching to google reader! I am leaving bloglines!

Sherry said...

I go with any dish that everyone loves and makes a lot. I definitely need to forego the making things perfect as it never will be.

Aliene said...

I know the feeling of wating everything perfect before I have some one over. I use to have the preacher and evangelist families during revival. The day before I put my 2 girls to work and I cleaned like crazy. One day one of my girls said to me: "Mom, you are not having the president for dinner." I stopped and thought about that for awhile. I don't feel its how perfect everything is, but just to fellowship. I still have to work on that thought in my mind though.