Tagged again

Well, I was tagged again... this time, by A Heart of Praise (who, I think, is Grace's sister...). I don't think this one will be nearly as interesting as my last one apparently was, but I'll give it a go anyway. :o)

~6 things about me~

1. My hair was straight until I turned 15 or 16. Then it started to wave quite a bit; I guess I was a late-bloomer, huh? When we moved back Stateside last year, my hair lost some of its curl and went pretty flat... it was a sad day for me, lol. Thankfully, it seems to be coming back again, so maybe my hair was just adjusting to the move? :P

2. It drives me crazy that my best friend refuses to cook for me. Or even worse, she won't cook if she knows I'll be there. Apparently, she thinks I will turn into a ranting raving food critic and analyze her meals. (She was like that in high school, too, only then she wouldn't let me read any of her papers or reports.) Not that it really matters, seeing as how we live in completely different states, but it's the principle of the thing! Um, that's sort of about me, right? (hehehe, love you, Lau!)

3. "Arlene" is not my legal name, but a nickname. Unless I am signing an official document or being teased {and maybe sometimes when I was growing up and got into trouble, the name would come about then, too, lol} I go by Arlene.

btw, if you know my "real" name
I'd appreciate if you didn't mention it in the comments...
or anywhere else on this blog...
or pretty much ever, hehehe. Thanks!
And no, I'm not posting my name on here.
If you absolutely *must* know,
email me, and I'll consider telling you. ;o)

4. I claim Misawa Air Base, Japan as my hometown because I lived there from May '95 ~ January '07. Just shy of the twelve year mark.

If Jesus tarries, we are going to reenlist next year (a long-awaited answer to an often asked question. it feels good to have that decision finally made!), and we'd like to go back someday... but maybe after a tour to somewhere in Europe first. You'll let me come visit, won't you, Tori? :o)

5. My feet are small. Really, really small. I buy a size 5 in womens' shoes, if it's available, but a 4.5 fits a lot better {not that stores ever carry this size *ahem*}. I've never seen a size 4, so I don't know how those would fare. Sometimes, I shop in the little girls' section for neutrals/basics because it's so much cheaper!

I have been teased mercilessly for both of these things. One boy went so far as to make up a song for me. I can still remember him dancing around, singing:
Small feet!
Small feet!

Ar-lene ha-as
small feet!

6. I didn't do all of the cooking and baking and homemaking type things that I do now when we lived in Japan. We ate out probably two or three times a week (because I was working part-time and always tired), I could never seem to keep up with the laundry, and I could probably count on both hands the number of times I baked from scratch. My poor husband! Then, we moved back Stateside, had a baby, and something changed. I'm not sure what or why, but I think my airman is glad for it! :o)

Phew, did you make it this far?! Well, pretty much everyone has done one of these recently, so I won't tag six people.

Just two:


Anyone else want to try?
Let me know, and I'll stop by for a visit! :o)


Grace said...

Hi Arlene, I had fun reading your list:) I think that yours was more interesting than mine! It was my sister Emily, who tagged you.

By the way I have some sad news...We won't be coming to your church this month like we had originally planned. I was really looking forward to getting to know you in person! My father-in-law who is in the Army is heading over to Afghanistan in December. He is already activated and has been down in North Carolina training. Anyway...we just found out that he will be able to come home for a few days for Thanksgiving so we decided we should be home to spend time with him before he heads overseas.

I'm so sorry that I got your hopes up about us coming! I hope that we will be able to reschedule a time to come to your church.

I'm sorry that this "comment" is so long...Talk to you later.


Sarah said...

HaHa! I know your "real" name!! :-)
And thanks for tagging me! I might do it -- not tonight -- too tired!

Sherry said...

Love your list! :D And I know your real name, too! :D

Glad you are doing all the wonderful homemaker things. It is great to have friends that are into it as much as I am. LOL!

Mrs. C said...

I always enjoy reading these. :)

My 10 year old is already wearing a bigger size shoe than you. It is frustrating, though, because I have a hard time finding dress shoes without a heel. :)

Laura said...

Hey, now! I think I'm paranoid that you'll give me THAT look.. you know, the one you gave me when I told you "destiny" as a baby girl's name. AHAHAHAHAHA.

rebecca said...

Enjoyed reading your meme. I was just talking to mom and dad about re-enlistment in general and I speculated that it would go down with Obama as CIC. I guess Nathan won't be part of that!

Michele said...

My hair was stick-straight my whole life and in my 30's it turned wavy/curly. (o:

jendi said...

You are so nice to post every time you are tagged!

Maybe your hair was adjusting to the water.
I don't know your real name. That was a surprise.
Thank you for reenlisting.
My feet got bigger through pregnancies so maybe you need to have more. ;)

Bethany M. said...

i'll just remember to ask your dad on wednesday what your real name is. :o)

Samantha said...

Okay, I'm dying to know your real name! You're seriously not going to post it??

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that thanks to your post about Christmas shopping awhile back, I was inspired to get ours done early this year as well. I'm happy to say that we've only got a few more gifts to go until we're done. I'm looking forward to enjoying the Christmas season without the stress of last-minute shopping.


I enjoyed reading your list!! :)