An early present

I know I just talked about avoiding the whole Black Friday scene, but even I have to admit, despite the craziness, there are some great deals to be found! Take, for example, the item that was delivered to our home last Friday.
Samsung LCD/HDTV
Okay, it's still in the box, as you can see.
So it's not nearly as impressive, lol.
My honey's working today...
I can't put this thing together by myself.
I can't even hook up the DVD player, LOL!

Earlier this week, I surprised My Airman with a trip to check out some of those new flat screen TVs. He's been talking about getting rid of our big, bulky entertainment center and TV for quite some time now, but I knew he needed the "permission" to even look around.

Originally, we were looking at a smaller 37" model (of a lesser known brand), but this 40" TV (which is a higher quality as well as a better name brand) was on sale for several hundred dollars cheaper and was exactly within our pre-discussed price range!

As I said, sometimes, there are some great deals to be had.

Since we were in the market for one anyway, and since the store was offering an 36 month no interest payment plan, and since we will be able to pay it off by mid-June (with no interest -- did I mention that already?) ... Well, we went ahead and got it.

I cannot explain to you how wide My Airman's grin was. How brightly his eyes lit up. How truly excited he was. He told me over and over and over again how happy my surprise made him! He very rarely goes out to get things for himself -- even things that he needs -- that I wanted so badly to pamper him... just a little.

He does so much for us. I wanted to do something big for him, because I wanted him to know how much we love him and how grateful we are to him for all his hard work.

If the look on his face was any indication, I think I succeeded.


Sherry said...

Awww! how sweet! I bet he was ecstatic! :D

Mrs. C said...

What a wonderful gift for your hubby! I'm glad you found a good deal. ;)

The Nelson's said...

Awe thats awesome!

Kristi said...

oh me, men and their toys, right? Bruce is wanting one too. I'm sure he'll get one this year or after the first of next year. We'll see. LOL

That was a sweet gift. I can imagine that grin!


Laura said...

Oohhhh, niiiice!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, enjoy!

I *really* like your blog layout, very pretty. I've tried using this one before but couldn't get the header picture to center correctly. (o:

Mary Ann said...

What a nice gift! Black Friday is a good day to buy bigger ticket items like that.

I won't tell my husband about this.LOL!!! Actually, we just bought a laptop, so he's pretty content with that.:-)

Tori said...

Oh wow, I've really been missing your blog.
Bloglines isn't reading your feed so it looks like you haven't posted, you have!!
I switched to Google Reader and I see that you have posted.

What a great early present, I'm sure hubby will love watching football on that.