State of mind

When I was fourteen, I went in for my annual eye exam and came out with a {very light} prescription for glasses.

It was a sad day for me... I hated wearing those things.

I think a big part of the problem is that, since I am so "tiny" (as I'm always told), it was/is difficult to find glasses that are evenly proportioned for my face. They're always too wide, too big, too something!

Anyway, a few years later, my dad said I could get contacts -- oh happy day!

If you don't need glasses, you'll never understand the joy and elation of knowing you don't have to wear them anymore! And, if you're a complete weirdo like my best friend and actually wish you had to wear them... well, all I can say is: *Pffffft* you're crazy, crazy, crazy!

So, I've been living the wonderful, well-seeing life ever since. It's so easy to pop in my contacts and go about my business each day. No more pushing the ever-sliding rims back into place. No more cleaning up smudges off the lenses. No more worrying about foggy vision while cooking dinner or washing dishes. Pure bliss. :o)

The problem is, sometimes, I get so used to my contacts that I forget I even need them. Anyone care to guess what happened yesterday? ;o)

I was rushing about getting things done around the house when My Airman called and asked me to bring him some lunch. So, after getting everything packed and having the Little Man bundled up to brave the cold weather, I didn't even notice anything was wrong... until I was almost to the office building and noticed I was squinting to read the sign for the gas station's prices.

Then it dawned on me: I forgot to put in my contacts!

Yes, blonde is a state of mind. Or can I blame this on mommy brain?

{Don't worry -- I really don't have a very strong prescription, so it wasn't too bad while I drove back home. No vehicles or persons were harmed during the trip :o) I don't plan to try this again any time soon, though!}


Laura said...

Haha, I still want glasses! :)

I LOVE that poem! Love it! I've never read it before until now, thanks for sharing, Laney-butt.

Rachel said...

Haha...thanks for sharing your blonde moment. :)

I've had glasses since 3rd grade, contacts since 8th. I could never go very long without my contacts in, because I'm pretty much completely blind without them.

So...the next step is considering Lasik surgery. But that's $$$$, so I'll just dream of it for now! But imagine...no contacts, no glasses, no buying solution, no itchy eyes...ah, that would be wonderful!

Sarah said...

You know I have glasses -- and guess what? I enjoy glasses. One time Jason and I went for eye check up and to get new glasses. I thought when we went that I would get contacts too but after looking at all the fun glasses I decided to get two pairs of glasses instead of one AND contacts. I know, I'm crazy -- but they are kinda like an accessory -- or like getting a new haircut -- they give you a new look!!

Sherry said...

Everytime I see Jeffrey without glasses it is weird. LOL!
Glad no one was hurt in the process! LOL!

Liz Brown said...

I had glasses for a couple of years. Oh, I despised them. :) My funny quirk is that only one eye is bad enough to need a prescription, so now I only wear one contact. And yes, I can see well enough that I sometimes forget to put them in. :)

Coby said...

I feel your pain. My right ear is minutely lower than my left, so it's a challenge for my glasses to sit evenly across my nose all day. I'm always adjusting them. That leads to the Phantom Glasses - where I'm always trying to push them up on my nose, even when I'm not wearing them.

I'm terrified of contacts, though. My best friend used to wear contacts and one slipped behind his eye and started cutting his optic nerve. He had to have surgery to get it out. On an unrelated incident, he happened to go blind temporarily. It was a congenital disease that required a cornea transplant to fix, but it happened soon after the contact incident. So I've been afraid of them ever since.

I'm getting the PRK surgery soon. Finally getting rid of my glasses. I'm tired of their limited view range and I miss being able to see things unaided. My fiancée doesn't want me to lose the glasses because she likes how I look with them. She wants me to get clear lenses and continue to wear them. How silly :P

Michele said...

Oh how funny!

I have tried contacts but they always feel so dry in my eyes that I can't wait to take them out.

Arlene said...

If the military would pay for me to get the surgery, I'd do it, too. But, I guess I can't complain since my vision isn't too terrible and I'm not completely helpless without my glasses :o)

Another reason I positively abhor glasses is that my face is never as wide as any pair of glasses I find, so the ends of the glasses stick out too far. Then, since I have layers cut into my hair, the glasses make the layers stick out weirdly. At least, as a guy with a military cut, you don't have to worry about that part, LOL!

Grace said...

I'm glad to hear that you didn't run over anyone:)

I wear contacts too, although it's usually only when I'm driving. Last time I went to the eye doctor I actually got a weaker
prescription...that was pretty exciting! I'm not too crazy about glasses or contacts...they both give me headaches for some reason. Thank goodness I don't need to wear them all the time!

Tori said...

That's funny, good thing they weren't a stronger prescription.

I wear glasses too, mainly when I read or am in church or concentrate on anything, I have an astigmatism which makes me do a lot of squinting too.

Funny story!

The Nelson's said...

Haha. Nice! I know how you feel though, as I have had glasses since 4th grade, contacts are awesome!

BUT if I were to forget to put them in, we'd be in trouble!

Granted, I know I wouldn't considering I can't see much without them! Lol

Jendi said...

I know what you mean about the glasses! I've always had to get child size glasses because of my narrow face. Small selection.

I've had glasses since 2nd grade contacts since high school. Forgetting them doesn't happen because everything is blurry without them!


I do not like glasses either!!! I have to wear mine until I get new contacts. I lost one of mine down the drain. :( So very frustrating!

liz said...

LOL! Too funny. I have gotten in the shower with my glasses on before, and gotten scared when they fogged up---thought something was seriously wrong with my eyes. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts though.

Thanks for visiting my blog and please come back anytime. I read your blog all the time, just don't comment very often because my 2 year old loves to "help" me type. =)