My Airman just told me about this counter called the Donut of Misery. Apparently, it's a very popular tool for military members who are deployed/on TDY and now there are many civilians using it for other countdown purposes.

In all my years around the military, I've never heard of this thing -- am I the only one??? Anyway, thought I'd share it for my other bloggy friends who may be counting down something arduous. :o)

According to the donut, we've been apart:
1.82 Months
7.78 Weeks
54.46 Days
1,307.10 Hours
78, 425.74 Minutes
4,705,544.26 Seconds

We're getting there... slowly but surely, the donut is shrinking! I should probably stop looking at it, though. Before long, I'll need to make a Krispy Kreme run and I'm trying to tone up before my airman returns!

HT to HalfMD for the link


JenT said...

:) funny

The donut is neat. I'll have to remember that for something. Hmmm...maybe I could use it for my birthday coming up.

liz said...

I've never heard of it either. I'm like you though...seeing it would probably just make me want a doughnut. =)

The Nelson's said...

Wow. I've never seen that either. But its kinda neat!

Mrs. C said...

If I were in your shoes I don't know if that would help me or make me more miserable. :( Maybe that visual reminder will be an encouragement to you once you've reached the down side of the hill. ;)

Sarahshallhernamebe said...

You may need to find a different donut supplier. From what Robert says, Krispy Kreme closed locally. :( Sorry for the sad news. I guess with the economy and new years resolutions they had to do it.
It's surprising because I actually heard from a doctor once that those donuts were actually better for those who were diabetic because they were filled with more air. Well thanks for telling me about the military style donut, I'll have to get one of those.

Arlene said...

Oh, Sarah, that does make me sad! Krispy Kreme was my favorite place to go for a (rare) treat!

Amber Duvall said...

I've never heard of that either. That's a neat way to countdown the days! I'll have to use it when Scott leaves next month.
And I was bummed too when I found out Krispy Kreme closed...Scott let me know last week. I've been in mourning ever since. :(

Sherry said...

How neat! Hey, I have a recipe for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They are yummy! They do take a while. Heavenly Homemakers wheat doughnuts are yummy, too, and take less time. :D

Tori said...

That's neat, never seen it before.

Anonymous said...

Andrew sent me one of those (with a pic of us beside it) the last time he was deployed. But I just thought it was a counter, I didn't know it had such a depressing name lol.