Almost there!

So far, we have been able to talk or webcam with our airman every. single. day. since he arrived on station. It's not a blessing I take lightly, as I know there are so many other families who have not had the same privilege! My Airman is always amazed when he watches through the webcam -- there are so many things our little man has learned to say and do since his departure. It confuses my Little Man a little, though, as to where Daddy is.

Case in point: Yesterday, he was saying something about his daddy, so I asked him, "Where is Daddy?" Expecting to hear the usual, "In Key-tar" response, I was surprised when Little Man replied, "In key-key... In ca-pooter?"

After getting my giggles out, I tried again. "Welllll... yes, but where's Daddy's computer?" And then he gave the proper response of "In Keytar" and continued to play.

Stories like those are not uncommon {as many of my fellow military wives can attest, I'm sure}. At least once a day, I find myself reminding the little man just where daddy is. In fact, the other day, he saw a man in uniform and excitedly said, "Datsa my daddy!" For the umpteenth time since January, I explained that wasn't his daddy.

"Where's Daddy?" I asked, listening for his normal reply of "In key-tar."

Instead he said, "Right dere!"

Which forced me to go into detail, "No, Buddy, that's not Daddy. Remember, we took him to the airport, and he went to Q*tar."

"Oh. Daddy in key-tar?"

"Yes, Daddy's in Q*tar. But he'll be home next month, okay?"

"Okay, Mama."

Such a sweet little boy. I love to listen to him as he begins to grasp different concepts and ideas and try to voice them to me. At the same time, I wish he were younger so that he wouldn't ask me so many questions about his daddy. It tends to make me miss our airman even more (if that were possible).
Can you find my honey?
I circled him for those who might have trouble, lol

When my airman first left, I honestly wondered if May would ever arrive. But, here we are, on the eve of yet another new month -- the month in which my airman will return! According to the donut, we are down to about 2 weeks until my honey is able to start making his way home. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, though, since more than likely (if the rumors going around are true), we are looking at something a liiiiittle closer to the end of the month... we'll just have to wait and see. But, as any military wife knows, that's just how military life goes, isn't it? :o) I know the Lord will give us (okay, mostly me) the strength to endure the next few weeks, just as He has been doing for the last several months.


Anonymous said...

Thanks you (and your son and husband!) for the sacrifice you are making for our country! My husbnad was in the marines but that was before the war, and before I even knew him. I thank the Lord that we have not had to endure that kind of separation! I know it is hard for you and your family! Can't wait till he comes back for you!

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad he'll be coming home soon! We so appreciate his service to our country!

Praying for you today!:-)

JenT said...

Oh good! I'm so happy for you! Of course, I'll be happier for you when he's actually here. Yay!

Mrs. C said...

You have been such a trooper, Arlene! Praying for you (and your hubby) as you enter the home stretch. :)

Amber Duvall said...

It's May!!! He comes home this month! I hope the time goes by quickly. I'm sure that with this busy month, the BIG DAY will be here before you (and the little man) know it! :o)

Anonymous said...

When he comes home you have to post a lot of pictures! I really look forward to seeing you all together! :)

I pray that the Lord will give you a wonderful weekend with your "little man"! :)


Pilar Stark said...

Wow, it is so close now.

One day your little boy would understand how proud he can be of his daddy and mommy for the sacrifice you guys are making.

Can´t wait to see the reunion photo!

Sherry said...

Praying for you, Nathan and little Caleb through this all. :D Glad it is getting really close!!
Caleb is such a sweetie and he definitely is super smart!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I am so glad that your sweetie is returning. I'd hate for my children's father to be so far away. It must have been torture!
Only a little longer...

Samantha said...

Wow, webcam is a great idea! Caleb is such a sweetie. This is probably so confusing to him, but he seems to understand that daddy is coming back soon which is the important part. Only a couple more weeks to go!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that your Airman will be home soon. (o:

Under Southern Skies said...

I was just thinking about you today, and you came commented on my blog! :)
Caleb sounds like such a sweetheart!
I can't wait till you all get re-united this month, be sure to post pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I was praying for you today.

Happy Mother's Day!


Jackie said...

I get to be excited because Coby is coming home from Korea this month too!

Are you the same person we met in the mall that he knew from Japan? I think that was at Tinker. You were wearing a long denim skirt I remember and I hid in the dressing room while you guys talked.

Betty Beguiles said...

So, if this was posted on the 30th you guys must be almost there! I am SO happy for you!

I so appreciate his service and your sacrifice! Much love and many prayers, sweetie!