Quick Takes

Rather than try to write out everything that's been going on lately, I'll just highlight a few stories from recent days. I can't remember where I first saw this idea of "quick takes", so if I'm "stealing" it from your blog, it's completely unintentional! (Picture: talking to Daddy. He was saying "cheese" when he saw the camera)
I was trying on some dresses while shopping for the dress to wear for my honey's homecoming. Little Man saw me in one and said, "Oh, Mommy's pincess? Et's dance!" (Mommy's a princess? Let's dance!) then reached for my hands and started to twirl around with me. What a sweetie! :o)
I was walking into the kitchen when he suddenly ran up to me. "Wait, wait! I need-a kiss, Mommy!" So, I bent down to give him a kiss, but he turned his face away. "No, Mommy. I need-a eck-simo kiss." (eskimo kiss)
My Little Man picked up his "phone" and started talking away: "Hi, Gampa! Hi, Gamma! Itsa Cawum. How'sa goin'?" Seriously, where did he learn "How's it going?"
I was talking to a friend the other day and she said, "I'm ready for him to come home -- I'm just ready for him to be home for you." I don't know why, but I nearly started bawling; it was so sweet and reminded me of what great friends the Lord has given us!

We have such a wonderful church family here; I know we wouldn't be able to get through this separation without them. Someone is always checking in on us, inviting us over for a meal, offering to watch the little man... sometimes, I'm just overwhelmed at the kindness, generosity, and love that has been shown. God is so good!
It snowed a few weeks ago, and when we were driving home, he saw the little park near our home and asked to go on the slide. "Sorry, Buddy," I told him, "we can't go slide today because of the snow. The slide's all wet." After a moment, he said, "Oh, itsa wet? Then I get a towel?"
We were heading to the store when he suddenly asked, "Wheresa Dess-a-ca go?"
"Jessica went back to her house, Buddy. We took Jessica to the airport, remember?"
"Oh. Daddy's at da airfort?"
"Yes, we took Daddy to the airport, too. Next time we go to the airport, we'll pick Daddy up, okay?"
"Go to da airfort? Surprise!"
No clue about that one, but it had me giggling for a while. I guess he thinks we'll have to yell "surprise" when we pick up our airman.
According to the donut, we are 90 days down, 30 to go! I feel as if time is dragging lately, but that happened last time he left, so I was expecting it to happen again. Just a little over 4 weeks seems almost manageable... I try to think of it in different terms these days: Just one more payday, and it'll be close. Just make it to the Mother/Daughter banquet, and we're almost there. Just one more hair appointment, and he'll be home!

To be honest, whenever I get to feeling down about how much longer I have left, I think of Brittney (her soldier is to be gone for a year) and Amber (her airman just left yesterday). Then I stop complaining so much. Hang in there, ladies -- we'll be done with this before we know it!


Amber Duvall said...

Caleb is such a sweet little boy! It always makes the days easier when you have adorable little kids around to make sure you still feel like a princess! I know I would be so much more miserable if I didn't have my 2 babies here with me.
And I'm really happy to know that even though the guys can't be here with us, at least they have each other out there! I know Scott will enjoy having a Bible study out there this time.

Sarah said...

Such cute "quick takes" -- and I'm glad you are a princess in your son's eyes too!! Isn't it wonderful to be thought of that way? Isaac was calling me princess at the grocery store today -- it was pretty funny! And you only have a month left -- it will go by fast, I promise!!

Pilar Stark said...

Your little boy is too cute. I am sure you don't get bored with him and probably having him makes the time goes faster. Just one more month, what a blessing!

The princess story is so sweet,and the towel one... just the best. Kids are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet boy! Hang in there, Arlene! Good idea thinking about it in terms of "after this event it will be closer."

Holly said...

What a cute son you have, he sounds adorable, especially talking on his phone, lol! :P

Sherry said...

Caleb is absolutely adorable! Love his little sayings! :D Definitely something to make sure to write in his baby book. I'm praying for your homecoming!!

Pilar Stark said...

Hey girl!This has nothing to do with this post but didn't know where to write you back from your comment in your blog. I did the poll and entry about the new name. But then I thought that if I do change the name I;ll have to find someone to redo my blog template.... not much trouble??? So that is why i am waiting to see if i want to go through the trouble... :)

Dani Joy said...

What a cute post! I wish I could remember all my boys little cute talk. Now they are so big. I have tried to sort out all that we talk about but it just gets all tangled in my memory.
I loved the princess one too! Sooo cute! He must be a joy!
Our boys have been picking out Spanish Bibles on CBD and we spent the last part of our evening purchasing them. It was a special bonding time.
I will think of you this month and pray as you await your airman.

Under Southern Skies said...

Aww, he sounds like such a sweetie! The princess one is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, Arlene. This was such a fun idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading about what has been going on in your home. :) I'm glad that the Lord has supplied you with such a wonderful church family!

I pray that the Lord will give you a special "hug" today.

Anonymous said...

That was a really sweet post!--Your Caleb sounds like such a sweet little man.

It won't be long now before your Airman is home--hang in there! (o:


Monica said...

All these people can surely understand me NOW, right?!! ;D ♥