It's here!

Tonight's the night -- My Airman is flying in late this evening! I'm so ready for this deployment to be over... ready to celebrate our 4th anniversary... ready to give up my role as a "single" mom... ready to be a complete family again!

Just a little less than 11 hours now, and we'll be reunited. Don't be too concerned if I'm not on here for a while. :P We'll be enjoying that 2 weeks of R&R together.
Oh, how I love the sound of that word!

Thank You, Lord, for bringing us this far.
Thank You that this long separation is almost over.
Thank You for Your watch-care over us. ~Amen

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Monica said...

I'm so glad...just thinking about it almost brings tears to my eyes, imagining how happy you all will be!! :-)

Pilar Stark said...

Oh wow, so exciting!!!!!!

I am so glad your separation is almost over. You are now stronger because of it.

God is going to bless you much!

Mrs. C said...

I am so, so, SO happy for you!!!! Enjoy your reunion; God is good! :)

The Nelson's said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you!

Brittney said...

I'm trying not to cry tears of happiness for you and tears of jealousy for me. I can imagine the thrill, excitement and anticipation you're experiencing. I'm tickled pink. I can't wait to be at that point!!!!

Rhonda in Chile said...

I am so glad for you! Please accept our thanks for your sacrifice, we do not take it lightly. And it is a sacrifice.

JenT said...

Yay! I'm so happy for ya'll!

Vicky said...

So happy for y'all, Arlene!!

Praying it is a blissful, wonderful 2 weeks. :)

Jendi said...

Hurray! Have fun and enjoy your time together. I'll keep you in my feed reader and will see you when you're back.

Sherry said...

Praise God! I'm so glad you will or hopefully by now have him home. We've been praying for your family. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you both--I just want to jump up and down with excitement! :)

Praise the Lord for bringing him home safely!

Praise the Lord for families like yours! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I just realized that blogger was set to post comments without my prior consent for the directory, so I just found your comment today! I'm so sorry!

I'm really excited to add your blog to the IFB, KJV Young Women's Directory! Hope that you have a blessed day with your husband and "little man!" :)


liz said...

Congratulations girl! Enjoy your time together.