Thoughts on Music

Okay... maybe this will offend someone, so forgive me please... I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about these articles.

AV 1611 Q&A
AV1611 "Christian" Music
CCM magazine exposed

I think they all make very valid points and agree that, as Christians, we ought to be completely separate from the world... I'm trying to understand how CCM could fit into that idea, but I just don't see it.

Personally, because of studies we've done, sermons we've heard, and Scripture we've read, we've come to the conclusion that CCM is not Christ-honoring due to its ambiguity in lyrics and similarity in sound to the rock of the world (among other reasons).

Maybe it's "no big deal" to some, but I really believe that the music to which we listen sets the tone in our homes. Again, I'm not trying to offend anyone, but am honestly trying to understand the thinking behind allowing this music into our lives/family's lives.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read the articles you've linked to yet but I've recently finished reading a book by Dr. Dennis Corle called The Pied Piper of Rock Music and it was very eye-opening.

As a person who wasn't saved until my early 20's I can see the danger of CCM because of the way it appeals to my flesh. I was VERY into music as a lost person and CCM just feeds this.--Not a good thing. And when we become born again Scripture says we're to have a new song.

Another style of music I have issues with is Southern Gospel. I'm not talking about true 4-part harmony quartet music, I'm talking about the stuff that sounds like country music. In my opinion if CCM is wrong because it sounds like the world then so is Southern Gospel because it sounds just like secular country/western music.

I'll check out your links when I have more time and if I have any more thoughts I'll share them here. I'm sure your just waiting with bated breath! LOL (o;

JenT said...

I agree about CCM. I'll email you some links for free music you can download. It's what is called Scripture Songs. They are Scripture put to music. Good music, not rock or country.

Arlene said...

Thanks, Jen; it is getting more and more difficult to find good, conservative music these days isn't it? :(

Arlene said...

Michele, another good book to read is "Music in the Balance"... there was another one I read years ago when I first started studying this subject, but I can't remember the title right now!

I completely agree with you about the Southern Gospel music. From all the studies I've read, I've come to believe that any form of rock (be it pop, country, rap, R&B, whatever) is not pleasing to the Lord.

The thing I really don't understand is that there are so many unsaved people who are true experts on the study of music who agree that music itself is a medium by which a message can be delivered. Yet, there are so many Christians who have been duped to believe that any music is okay, so long as the lyrics are "good" or "Christian".

Rhonda in Chile said...

I haven't read the articles, yet. But I heartily agree with Michele. I know Christians who would faint listneing to CCM, but listen to "southern Gospel" honky tonk music. If we are going to take a stand, we must be consistent. Of course, we must also allow others their opinions, in that we must allow the Holy spirit to convict each of us as He sees fit, and when.

Arlene said...

I agree, Rhonda; consistency is very important. As well, we should not be so vicious in our discussions as to turn others away or become a "stumbling block" so that the Holy Spirit cannot work in others' lives because of our mistakes. Some things truly do take time and spiritual growth, as the Lord will work on us all in His perfect timing.

Miss Naomi said...

I've enjoyed your blog tremendously. =) I found your link on the IFB Maidens blogroll; I'm on there, too.

Music is not neutral. It is either evil and glorifying to Satan and the flesh, or it is good and glorifying to the LORD as it was created to, encouraging and blessing us by the Holy Spirit. Music is spiritual! My friend Hannah has written an excellent post on this subject through her personal insight; you might be interested to read it. "Treasures of the Very Best Kind" Our enemy doesn't have to work hard nowadays to deceive and destroy lives and homes!

God bless! I look forward to reading more from your blog.

Happy in Him,

Miss Naomi
Psalm 16:11

Hannah said...

I agree with what Naomi said. Music is NOT neutral. It either caters to the flesh, or the spirit.
A few years ago my Pastor did a study on music. It is now free on DVD, and you can order it through my churches website libertygospeltracts.com
This study was very helpful for me, especially because he played music clips to SHOW what was wrong, because it is hard to tell when there is a rock beat!

God Bless!

P.S. I found your blog on the IFB Maidens Blogroll too!

liz said...

I agree with you completely! All good thoughts.

Sherry said...

Being raised primarily Southern Baptist, I was led to believe that CCM was the music that I should listen to. After having my eyes opened through Pastor Monteith's SONday school messages about CCM and further study. I do believe that CCM is not what we should be listening to. I now either listen to classical or http://www.oldchristianradio.com . In the car, we have several cds from West Coast Baptist BIble College choir and their trio along with Heartland Baptist Bible College cds, too.

Thank you for sharing, Arlene!

Samantha said...

I really don't see how anyone would be offended by this post. I wasn't in the least, and I listen to many different types of music. Obviously, there are also many different types that I stay far, far away from.

I only skimmed the articles, but I may have to find some time to read them closer. I really can't say that I disagree with what you're saying even though I don't feel as strongly about the subject.

I do have a difficult time stomaching many of the praise and worship songs I hear in the churches I've attended. Some songs are just so "fluffy" and unrealistic. I wonder if it's really about giving praise to the Lord, or if it's more about me "feeling warm and fuzzy" inside.

Thanks for giving me something to think about. You definately planted a seed in this girls head! Now I should get to bed. It's way to late to be typing!

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to read the linked articles, but I have read similar articles elsewhere and have a quick thought to share. I think making music is a spiritual act, whether light or dark. I can almost always 'feel' the difference between Christian and rock songs before I get a chance to catch the lyrics, although there are some "Christian" bands that sound VERY secular to me. So yes, I agree that we should be seperate from the world, however Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. It is a matter of pleasing Him. I beleive it can be done with both Hymns and more contemporary music, but there must be a right heart in either one or it is wasted breath. I have never 'been' to your blog before, thanks for sharing the post. May you be blessed more and more. Heather

Sherri said...

I haven't read the articles you've linked to, either, but I have read "Music in the Balance" and several others. I love music. I love studying what makes it good or bad, too. Music is a powerful tool; for good and evil.

I agree with all the statements on Southern Gospel. It's funny to me (but really, it isn't) how decieved Christians are to be able to santimoniously say in one breath that they don't listen to CCM, but in the next how they LOVE Southern Gospel. I've always wondered if I was just stupid because I honestly couldn't see any difference. :)

My thoughts on all this are.....

The devil is a fallen angel, but he is also the father of lies. He was musical and beautiful, and he is not going to come to us looking like the devil. He knows we would promptly run the other direction if he did. Instead, he makes himself , and his ministers, into an angel(s) of light so as to deceive Christians. He already has the unsaved. He doesn't care if they know the truth as long as they don't get saved. His target is Christians. If he can deceive them in THIS ONE AREA, he has the control.

I have heard people defending why they listen to CCM say, "How can something that speaks to me on such a deep level be bad?" In part it's because the devil takes the truth and cunningly twists it to make it a lie. Yes, the words can seem to be full of the truth of Who God is, but the music makes it sensual, devilish. Things that are different are not the same. We serve a HOLY God. If one aspect of the music is right, and only part of it is wrong, it is ALL wrong.

We've all probably heard the story about the dad who woulnd't let his kids go to a movie that "everyone" was seeing just because it had a few small bad things in it. To illustrate the "why" of his decision to his kids, he made them brownies with just a teeny amount of something from the back yard included in the ingredients, and then asked the kids if they would still be willing to eat them.

This same principle applies to the exclusive use of the KJV Bible as well.

It doesn't take much to make the truth into a lie.

I always appreciate the insight of your posts. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. I was saved in my 20's too, and my flesh loves rock. It was easy to stay away from it while I was in Misawa, but now that I am back among family, it has been really hard.

I mostly listen to the things Sherry mentioned. We also have a couple of Scripture Songs cds. I recommend those!

I too can not stand the fluffy feel good contemporary music played in so many churches nowadays. Pastor M called it 7-11 songs. 7 words repeated 11 times.

Just wondering, how do you feel about older music that wouldn't really be considered rock? Music like the Andrew's Sisters for example. What about songs for children? They are usually neutral, and there are some I dislike. I admit to not liking Ring Around the Rosie, since it's about the black plague. :shudder:

Are you going to post more about this? I hope you can do a follow up. :)

Anonymous said...

I was raised in both types of churches, both conservative. One was very hymns oriented and the other was very southern gospel. I have no problem with either.

I think God will convict our heart if we are not worshipping with the right spirit. My pastor is a very godly man who sings southern gospel music. He also preaches the Word w/o apology KJV also.

I believe if it ministers to your soul, then who should tell you that you are wrong for listening to it. I have witnessed many having been saved at a southern gospel concert. Isn't that what it's all about. Praise the Lord for it. =)