Cleaning up Eggs

Several weeks ago, while I was making a batch of pancakes for breakfast, I pulled all of the ingredients out and carefully set them down on the counter top.

I had turned around just for a second (You can guess where this is going, can't you?) when I heard a loud *splat!*

One of the eggs had rolled off of the counter and dropped to the floor! Ugh!

This type of mess is definitely not one of my favorite things to clean up. The yolks generally aren't too hard to pick up (if they don't "pop" and spread out), but the whites seem to get slimier and slimier with every swipe. Not a fun way to start the day, let me tell you!

Just as I was getting ready to clean it, I remembered a tip I learned in school. (As a side note, I have no idea when or where or even why this came up when I was in school, but apparently, I tucked it away into the recesses of my mind and it finally came in handy for me.)

I ran to grab a canister of salt and poured it (very generously) over the entire egg-y mess. After a few minutes, the salt absorbs into the egg and clean up is a cinch! It kind of has the consistency of a well creamed butter-sugar mixture, if that makes sense. Either way, it was LOT easier to clean up than the slimy, sticky egg I started out with!

I've also heard this trick will work on carpeted areas, but haven't yet had the need to try it out yet... *fingers crossed* ;o)

Happy Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

That was nifty to know!!! I usually set my eggs on a pot holder when I get them out of the fridge, but sometimes I forget!

Rebecca said...

Both great tips -- the salt and the pot holder idea. I have a friend whose two-year-old daughter embellished their carpet today with wet sidewalk chalk. Hmmmm. Think your salt trick would work with that? Me neither.

Becky said...

I always call in my four legged "kitchen helper" for such situations. He does a great job cleaning up my mess and even begs to "help" more. Eggs are also supposed to make a dog's coat shiny. :o)

Aliene said...

Thanks for the tip. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well.

A Heart of Praise said...

Great tip, I also know from personal experience that cleaning up a dropped egg is not fun:).