Food, Fun, and Fellowship

When my honey deployed earlier this year, we somehow started a little tradition of getting together with our Pastor and his wife. Lately, we have been trying something different, and it really seems to work wonderfully for our families.

Here's what we do: I pick the menu (with a little of her input), she picks up (most of) the ingredients, we head over to their house, and I do all (okay, most of) the cooking. Of course, there's plenty of laughing, talking, fun -- and sometimes some organizing! :P -- generously sprinkled throughout our time in the kitchen!

We ladies get to share some tips and tricks we've learned in the kitchen, catch up, and laugh (and laugh and laugh and laugh). The Little Man gets to run around the house between the kitchen and living room getting goodies, hugs, toys, etc. The husbands get to chill out on the couch, chat, watch golf, football, and/or the news (and at the end of their relaxing, they get to eat a great meal).

A good deal for all, wouldn't you agree? :P

{Last night was the first time my airman was able to attend one of our dinner get-togethers in quite a while, and I'm sure Pastor appreciated some male company (as opposed to hearing a bunch of girly giggling and chit-chat).}

Everything turned out so well that I thought I would share our menu:

Cheesy Stuffed Chicken
Sweet Green Bean Bundles
Potluck Rice Pilaf*
Cucumber Salad**
Garden fresh tomatoes
Extreme Chocolate Fudge Brownies
Vanilla Icecream

Everything turned out perfectly, and we had a great time of food, fun, and fellowship! (Have I mentioned that we're good Baptists?!) I'm so very grateful that the Lord has blessed us with wonderful church friends who are like family -- it makes being apart from our "real" family just a little easier to bear, I think. :o)

My regrets are twofold: 1) I didn't take any pictures of the food or friends. 2) Sarah wasn't able to join us. We're hoping to get together again after my honey returns from his TDY next month (Better hurry up and have that baby, Sarah! ;o) LOL).

Hmmm... Perhaps I should start thinking about a menu now. Suggestions, anyone?

*We quartered this recipe!
**There was no exact recipe for this one.
These two recipes sound close, though.


Sarah said...

Yeah, I was bummed I couldn't be there either. But I did enjoy the leftovers that Jason brought home for me. I will have to print out those recipes!! :-)

Pilar said...

I will have to check out some of those recipes, they sound great!
and what a great tradition!!

Nathan said...

ok i don't have time to read now but i wanted to drop by and say thanks for commenting. i had lost the link to your blog but when you commented, i found it again! i'll read more this weekend when i have more computer time:)
-new mom

Sherry said...

Yum! What a great looking menu! :D We need to do some more hosting at our home. It is harder since we live on base and so many of our friends from church aren't military. Ugh!

JenT said...

Hey, I'm passing on an award to you. See my blog.