Someday, I'll get used to this

We had a very late night last night and a very early start this morning -- even after a cat nap on the couch this afternoon, I'm still feeling the after effects of the two! When the Little Man heads to bed in a bit, I think I just might make an early night of it, as well. :o)

My honey has safely arrived at his newest base for a short TDY. {I say "short" because, comparatively speaking, (just under) 3 weeks is definitely not as bad as the 4 month separation we endured earlier this year! :o)} He is tentatively scheduled to be back after Labor Day, so you can imagine that I am more eagerly looking forward to the holiday than I ever have been before! :P *sigh* He's been gone only a few hours, and I already miss him more than I can stand. Can't wait 'til he's home! :o)
Any time apart as a family is hardly what I'd call "fun." It's not something we enjoy, but we're in the military (yes, I signed the dotted line, too)... and so, we make it through... because we must.

Each time, deciding to become better rather than bitter. Each time, more appreciative of what the other does for the family. Each time, vowing to be more understanding of the other's needs. Each time, rejoicing to embrace again. Basking in the simplest of things. Happy to be together once more. Until then, I'll be counting down the days to our reunion!

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Michele said...

I'm sorry you all must be apart again. You have a *great* attitude about it though. (o:

Mrs. C said...

Praying for you while your hubby is away. Hopefully the time will fly! :)

liz said...

Even those 3 week ones are hard. My hubby went on one of those recently. I love your attitude though. =) Praying for you!

Sherry said...

Glad you have a great attitude! It is hard when they are away. Hope it goes by quickly for you. Hugs!!

New Mom said...

Sometimes I don't know how you can deal with the seperation. Do you ever have days with Caleb where your nerves are just on edge and you wish your husband would get home so that he could watch Caleb so you can read a book, take a bath, just sit in silence!? I love Elon to peices, but I must admit, most days I find myself wishing Nathan got home at 6:00 instead of 10:00, and not just because I miss him!

Arlene said...

Girl, sometimes, I don't know how I do it, either -- must be by God's grace! :o) I definitely do need alone time sometimes; we are very blessed to have some wonderful friends from church (who are more like family) that are willing to watch Caleb so I can get some errands run or just have the house to myself. :o)