Summertime Randomness

I don't know if it's because it's summer time, or if it's because my husband came back from his deployment just a bit ago, or if it's because he's on 12 hour midshifts and I can't seem to get on any sort of schedule because he sleeps during the day and works through the night. {Did I mention he's working weekends, too?} Maybe it's all of the above?

Whatever the case, I just seem to be having a hard time getting on here these days. (Either way, I don't suppose anyone's been missing me too badly. Except for my best friend, maybe. She tends to pester me if I don't post for a while. Look, Laura -- I'm blogging! :P)

Anyway, my friend Jen recently shared some fun facts about herself, so I thought I would join in because it gives me something easy to write about. If anyone else gives this a try, let me know and I'll visit you. (Really, I'd just like to know if there's anyone else out there that is as strange as I am ;o) LOL)

Enough stalling... Here we go:

1) I don't particularly love coconut at all, but my absolute favorite (packaged) cookie is the girl scout Caramel deLites... which have a lot of coconut in them! Go figure!

2) When I was a teenager, I said to the Lord: "If it's all right with You, the latest I'd really like to get married is 20." Okay, I might have worded it a little nicer, but essentially, that was my request. Laugh if you want, but He answered it. Who says God doesn't care about the little things? :o)

3) If I'm in a store, I have a tendency to put items back in their proper place (even if I wasn't the one to pull it out of its spot). Clothing. Greeting cards. Movies. I have to make sure my husband doesn't notice, though, since he is quick to inform me: "They have people who get paid to do that!"

4) deployments/TDYs/mid-shifts = insomnia
Well, for me. My husband sleeps like a rock any time or any place, LOL. (Now that I think about it, this is somewhat ironic, considering the fact that I slept just fine all by myself before I was married!)

As you can imagine, I have been really tired over the past 6 months since I've dealt with all three of those work-related issues, lol! Oh, and he's going TDY this month, so yay for another round of sleepless nights. At least it is only to be for 18 days and not four months! :o)

5) Whenever we stay in a hotel, I make the bed each morning. Again, my husband reminds me: "They pay people to do that!" Okay, I may or may not have some form of OCD... :P

6a) I never had a cell phone until my husband surprised me with one last December. He wouldn't have gotten it except for the fact that he was deploying soon, and he wanted me to have some form of communication in case I got lost or there was an emergency while I was out and about.

6b) I didn't know that our cell phone had call waiting until a few weeks ago. Even after I realized we had it, I didn't know how to answer the other caller without hanging up on the other person.

6c) I also didn't know how to answer the phone if I had it flipped open before it started ringing. I would just close it up and wait for them to call back or else call them after they hung up.

You can stop laughing at my lack of technological savviness now! :P

7) I've been told that I have fairly large big toes. Actually, the exact words are usually, "Wow. You have really big big toes!" I never know what to think when someone says that to me. What can I do about the size of my big toes? More importantly, why do they feel the need to point it out to me? LOL

8) I don't honestly know what my favorite color is. I have always said pink, and I still love the color, but I am always drawn toward the greens... goodness, my whole house has green in it, so it must be my favorite, right???

9) I'm extremely interested in things like handwriting analysis, personality types, and skin tones/color palettes. I like to read up on them when I can, and see if I can correctly "diagnose" or "analyze" people (but only in my head. I don't go around telling people all this stuff, lol).

I find it all very fascinating, really. I have no idea why. Apparently, I like to put people in a nice, neat, little category of sorts... again, I may or may not have a mild form of OCD... :P

For those who are interested, I am a melancholy/sanguine mix (quite a bit more melancholy than sanguine) and am a Dark Autumn. Oh, and just for fun, if you want to have your handwriting analyzed, here is a link to do it yourself (read carefully so that you choose the free analysis!). Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me! (and yes, my analysis was almost dead on!)

10) I used to be a night owl who could get by on very little sleep and still be perky in the mornings. I always wanted to go hang out with everyone just about anytime. Nowadays, I'm a total homebody. I strongly dislike getting up early. I don't like staying out much past 9 or 9:30 pm (though I will do so on occasion, as long as our Little Man is sleeping well while we're out). I usually have to bargain with my husband for what's the earliest he would be comfortable leaving so we can go home at what I consider a "decent time". Isn't it funny how much people change over the years?


Rachel said...

I loved the handwriting analysis!!! I've often been interested in studying that, but just never have. My analysis was right on too! :)

JenT said...

Ooh...number 3...I do that too. And I don't know much about cell phones either. I only have one 'cause it's Mason's leftover one. He got a new one, I got his old one. lol

Pilar said...

I love this kind of post because it helps me get to know you better, and it is so interesting.

I used to analized people too, I just remember by reading your blog that I used to do that but haven´t in a long time. I Wonder why?

Sherri said...

I am totally with you on 3, 5, and 6a. AND everyone has always told me I have "curly" toes, and I've often wondered the EXACT SAME THING! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love it when you do these Arlene because you always have the most interesting things to share! (o:

Sarah said...

I definitely think you are OCD -- this post confirms it! Or maybe CDO (OCD in alphabetical order)!! LOL And you know what Jason would comment on #10 -- that you are the oldest 24 year old that he knows!! :-)

Bethany M. said...

I'm the same with sleeping. It's so hard for me to get to sleep with out shawn there with me. My mother-in-law doesn't agree with me, but that's the way it is! I did sleep well before i was married to him, but now it's a new pattern to live by.

p.s. my MIL actually said right in front of me "I think Bethany is wrong on that, she did it before you were married." :oP

Laura said...

Yay! You blogged! You know you've been friends for a loooong time when every "things about me" post is things I already know, hehe! All that to say, even if you are slightly crazy, I still love you! =)