7 Quick Takes

1. Anyone else new to 7 Quick Takes Friday? It's kind of a fun way to get the little details/thoughts blogged about that don't quite make up a whole post and are too random to go into one post together... and yet, somehow, this makes it work! I've just recently started hearing about it, and I have to say, I'm really liking it! (Is it cheating to use this as my #1? LOL)

2. Two of the three of us have been fighting off a little cold this week. I was feeling so horribly yesterday that I even canceled a hair appointment -- that's how you really know a girl is sick, right? :o) Thankfully, we're over the worst of it, and (so far) my honey hasn't come down with it!

3. The worst part about getting sick is catching up. I strongly dislike loathe abhor detest it! Now, there are those who think our house must never, ever, ever be messy... Need photographic proof that it does?

Behold, the couch
(it's under there, I promise!)
Did I mention that there's yet another load going in the dryer right now? *sigh* Anyone want to come over and help me???

4. The kitchen is looking pretty bad, too -- which is ironic, considering the fact that I haven't exactly been feeling up to cooking! I could show you pictures of the overflowing sink, but I'm just not going to embarrass myself that much in one day. I've posted pictures of my messy kitchen before, and once is enough, I think. (though I have to say, that is nothing compared to how it looks right now!) :P

5. Hunting season is coming up. My honey loves hunting, but even though we've been Stateside for over 2 1/2 years now, something has always come up to prevent him from going. But this is the year for him! He is so excited; it's kind of adorable, really. (Of course, I have to keep telling myself that I'm just glad My Airman is going out and getting to do something he really enjoys... otherwise, I get to thinking too much about Bambi and sweet little rabbits and... oh, dear. That's just too much for the emotional, hormonal state I'm in! :P)

6. Crystal at MoneySavingMom posted about a sweet deal on maple syrup going on at Amazon. We use maple syrup as opposed to the fake syrups, but they can get pricey! Even the small bottles at the commissary are almost $4.50 each, so this is a great deal! If you have a swagbucks account, the out of pocket costs can be made even lower with those Amazon gift cards. Anyone else loving Swagbucks as much as I am? :o)

On another note about Swagbucks, I joined in April and have since helped pay for a brand new set of stainless steel pots and pans, a Wii game system, a second Wii remote, and (duh) maple syrup! Since realizing how great this thing really is, even my honey gets on my account and searches (as the rules are one account per household). Now he gets so excited when he wins a swagbuck for us -- gotta love free stuff and discounted prices! :o)

7. Our family doesn't participate in Halloween, but every year at our church we have a Harvest Party with games, prizes, candy, a soup/chili cook-off -- it's a good time of food, fun, and fellowship and we're really looking forward to it again this year. I'm thinking of making something for the cook-off, but haven't decided. Any favorite award-winning soup or chili recipes out there anyone? :o)


Sherry said...

I would have never thought about the couch or not wanting to cook, but you know what? It's ok! You have been sick. You are pregnant, and things happen. I so would help you out, if I was there.

Sending lots of hugs and prayers!!


liz said...

I hope you all are feeling better. We are fighting some kind of bug here at our house now too.

Monica Diorio said...

I LOVE the pile on the couch!! :o)

Under Southern Skies said...

Oh you poor thing! :) Seriously, I would have loved to help you out with the laundry, folding it is one of my specialties!