Birthday Cupcakes

My Airman had a birthday this month, so a certain little boy and I decided to surprise him with some cupcakes! (I just love the goofy li'l face he's making; he was trying to say "cheese!" I could hardly get him still for the pics, so excuse any blurriness, lol)

I've been trying to let our Little Man help around the house a bit more lately, even if it makes things messier... ultimately, I know it will be better for all of us if our children learn to help out. (Not that I think knowing that fact makes it any easier for me to ignore the extra messes that always inevitably often result, LOL!)

I am definitely *trying* to learn to have a little more fun and not stress about the mess so much... it's a work in progress, for sure!

Anyway, the chocolate cupcakes were not mess-free (at least for us. If you make them without the help of a 2-year-old, your results might be a bit better in that department ;) LOL), but they were quite delicious, and our boy was so proud to tell his daddy that *HE* got to help Mommy make them! :o)

Oh, I topped them with Angie's deliciously fluffy vanilla frosting. I was so excited to find a buttercream icing that doesn't use shortening, and I will certainly be keeping this recipe in my files! :o)

My honey was happy to see the cupcakes sitting on the counter when he came home from work, and we had fun eating the special surprise with our airman.
Happy Birthday, Honey!
We love you!


Sherry said...

Aww! He looks so happy to be making cupcakes for daddy! :D

Mrs. C said...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little man helping out in the kitchen...as long as you teach him how to clean the potty, too! :)

New Mom said...

Very sweet! Elon loves to help me cook also. I'm trying to get him real interested in the culinary arts so he'll become a chef and I won't have to cook anymore-- hee,hee!

Laura said...

I made the cupcakes like a week or two ago and didn't care for them. For some reason I have had a trouble with homemade chocolate cakes. Do you use sweetened cocoa powder? I always have used unsweetened and then when I combine it with the vinegar, the cake gives off a taste with a little bit of a kick, lol. Don't really know how to describe it. I can't figure out what Im doing wrong! The cocoa powder was my only guess.

They were really moist though! :)

I was trying to figure out what kind of outfit you put on Caleb and then realized he was wearing your apron, lol. Cute!

Adele said...

This week I did a baking project w/ both of the boys. I've learned that having one child help at a time is much more efficient than trying to make sure both of them stay on the stool w/o pushing the other off! :) Plus it meant two goodies instead of one!

I'm like you. It is hard for me to not just do it myself and to overlook the inevitable splatters and flour on the floor. But I also know it's important to learn skills like measuring, following directions, and helping.