Baggin' a Buck

What a week we have had! It has just been a whirlwind of activity it seems, and I know it's not going to slow down any over the next few weeks, so I guess I should just get used to some extra busyness, huh? :o)
My Airman is back from his hunting trip, safe and sound; what a crazy trip that was! First, due to some unforeseeable circumstances at work, my honey discovered that instead of the 5 day trip he and the guys from church were planning (with 2 days of traveling and 3 days of hunting), he would be forced to cut his trip down to 3 days... yes, that meant 2 days of travel and ONLY ONE full day to hunt. The other guys would be staying for the full 5 days, but not him -- needless to say, the pressure was on!

Thankfully, the Lord blessed, and despite several little "hiccups" just before heading out, the trip and the hunt itself went pretty smoothly. And, more good news, my man bagged his first buck! With any of the trips he took with his dad and brother growing up, he had only ever caught a doe, so he was extremely excited to get a buck -- and a BIG 9 point buck at that! -- for his first trip in over 6 years!
Personally, I don't see the interest in going out for these types of things, but my hubby loves it all: the wait, the hunt, the MEAT! :P Of course, our Little Man has been so excited about the trip, as well; several times he asked if he could go hunting with Daddy. Now he knows to say, "When I older I go huntin' with Daddy!" I'm not quite ready for those days yet, but I know they will come all too quickly...
P.S. Yes, he is getting that thing mounted...
No, it's not going up anywhere in our home, LOL!


Monica Diorio said...

Caleb on the buck --- LOVE it!! :D
And, yes, Arlene, those days are coming all too fast, I'm one that's sad to say it!! :o( Missing my boy SOO much! Thanks for the pics!

Happy Hermit said...

the price of a bullet really pays for its self dosn't it ?

Adele said...

You get the mother of the year award for letting Caleb sit on the dead deer!

I like the meat and I know hunting is necessary, but I have no interest in killing Bambi myself!

Congratulations to Nathan on the big buck!

Sherry said...

That thing is huge!
Congratulations, Nathan! :D I told Shad he was welcome to hang his deer head in the basement. :D LOL!

Mrs. C said...

What a nice rack! :) My hubby loves to hunt, but he hasn't had a head mounted yet. I think he's holding out for a 12 point. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the buck! And for not having to hang it in your house. LOL (o;

Wishing you and yours a *lovely* Thanksgiving! (o:


Lori said...

I have pictures of my son when he was little with deer. I now have his 8 pointer on the wall beside my husband's 9 pointer.