Snow Day Ramblings

It's been a busy past few weeks for us -- as it always seems to be for everyone this time of year. Thankfully, two unexpected snow days gave us some time to just relax as a family. My Airman is back to work today and playing "catch up" now with all that needs to be done before the weekend, and I'm trying to settle back into a regular routine.

On the baby front, I've reached (and passed) the halfway mark... 20 weeks already! I can hardly believe it myself! I'm not sure if it seems to be going by quicker with this one because it's our second or because it's just been busy? *shrug*

At any rate, things seem to be going well so far. I have an appointment next week, and perhaps we'll find out what we're having. my husband really wants to know if the baby's a boy or a girl, though, personally, I'd like to be surprised. {I think he'll win out in the end. Wifely submission and all that good stuff, you know. ;o) LOL}

I can still wear many of my non-maternity skirts, but I will admit to loosening buttons/zippers, and wearing things a bit lower than normal. I've been able to feel flutters and such since right before 16 weeks, but my hubby is just now starting to feel movement from the outside. I haven't tried to get the Little Man to sit still long enough to feel the baby move, but I'm sure that will come soon enough. :o)

Speaking of our little man, we've been working on potty training for the past few weeks. It's... well, it's going. :o) We have mostly good days, but we still have some work to do, I think. The first few days were the most trying for me -- I seriously did a lot of laundry (okay, and some crying, too!) -- as we basically went straight to underwear and haven't looked back. He is making really good progress now, and we praise him often for how quickly his sticker chart is filling up and what a big boy he's becoming! :o) I'm definitely working harder to cherish this time with him as an only child... such a sweet little boy he is, and I'm so grateful the Lord has lent him to us!

As far as our Christmas plans go, we're heading over to Wisconsin in a little over a week and a half (to visit with my husband's side of the family), so our home has been aflurry with plans and budgets and gift-wrapping. Yes, yes, lots of fun stuff going over here. :o) Anyway, I'm off to get a few things together for dinner preparations this evening. I hope everyone else is staying warm this winter!

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Sherry said...

I can hardly believe you are half way through. Can't wait to hear what you are having!! :D Seems like all the former Misawa gals are getting pregnant! :D